Zyprexa: Read about the side effects thoroughly before taking it.

Drug manufacturers are bound to fulfill the responsibility of warning consumers about any potential danger that their products can cause. When approved without proper tests and research, the drugs can sometimes do more harm than do good to people. Side effects of a drug can sometimes be dangerous and can cause an irreversible damage to the health and well being of people. It’s thus imperative for manufacturers to issue proper warnings about any drug so that people do not suffer from the drug side effects.

Zyprexa is a prescription drug and is given to patients suffering from certain mental diseases. The drug has many side effects ranging from commonly observed ones to rare and peculiar cases.

Common side effects with Zyprexa:

Drowsiness, insomnia and dry mouth are some common side effects that can be easily treated. Patients may even experience constipation, dizziness, headache, problems in vision, weakness and running nose. Changes in behavior, difficulty in swallowing and speaking and feeling of restlessness. Also, people may experience stiffness and trembling in arms and legs after taking Zyprexa consistently for a few weeks. Most such effects are experienced within the initial days of consumption and can be treated after notifying the healthcare expert on time.

Uncommon side effects with Zyprexa:

Pain in the abdomen, fever like symptoms, inability to move eyes, smacking in the lips, increased sensitivity of the skin towards sunlight, partial loss of memory, muscle spasms on face, back and neck, puffing of cheeks are some uncommon side effects. The use of drug may also lead to uncontrolled chewing and uncontrolled movement of the legs and arms. Although rarely reported, it is best to contact the healthcare expert before it can turn dangerous.

Rare side effects with Zyprexa:

Constant confusion, sluggish feeling both mentally and physically, alterations in the menstrual cycle, rashes on the skin, and trouble in breathing are few allergic reactions that may appear as an after effect of Zyprexa, but are rare in occurrence.

Serious side effects with Zyprexa:

Linked to side effects like diabetes, increased blood sugar level, increased psychotic reaction that may even lead to suicide, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, ketoacidosis, rapid weight gain and abnormal movement in muscles;  Zyprexa has been categorized as an unsafe  drug. All such symptoms are severe and can cause an irreversible damage to health and well-being of a person. Unexplained alteration in a person’s metabolism, increased incidence of strokes and even death are some symptoms that cannot be overlooked and require immediate action from the concerned people.

Patients may experience some or no effects when administering Zyprexa. It is unfortunate that healthcare experts cannot predict the occurrence of side effects beforehand and which can be ascertained only after administering the drugs. Medical practitioners, therefore, should be made aware about entire medical history to avoid experiencing the side effects .

The increased incidences of severe complications among people administering Zyprexa have raised many questions on the authenticity of this drug. The public as well as FDA have come to a  conclusion that the inability of the drug manufacturers to warn about the possible side effects has been mainly responsible for the troubles that Zyprexa has caused.