Suffered due to Zyprexa? Law can help.

Zyprexa, given as atypical anti-psychotic medication, was introduced as a breakthrough drug for patients suffering from schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The popularity this drug enjoyed was mainly because this drug was not being linked to Parkinson’s like symptoms, while most others from its class were. Unlike other similar drugs, from Eli Lilly managed to earn the popularity for being the most sold drug,  helping people get rid of such symptoms. After thorough studies and clinical research the drug was finally on shelves in the year 1996 under the generic name Olanzapine. With time when the drug’s side effects became known people had to reconsider as whether to take the drug or avoid it. Those who suffered from harmful effects contacted the court of law to get compensation for their sufferings. Few such law cases have been described in brief here.

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