: Lawsuits that revealed so much about this unsafe drug

The potency of Zyprexa convinced healthcare experts and they started recommending it as the most effective drug for patients suffering from schizophrenia and similar disorders. Zyprexa, which is used to treat many psychotic disorders, became popular in a short time span. At one time it was the most-sold schizophrenia treatment drug in the industry. The sales figure for 2003, which was a whooping $4 billion, was enough to explain the popularity this drug enjoyed among masses. What came as a shock for not just doctors or patients but manufacturers as well, were the reports of severe complications that this drug caused as side effects. All assumptions about the wonder-drug were soon proved wrong. The bad news was followed by a series of filed against the makers, alleging them to be responsible for causing damage to the health of so many. Few of these lawsuits that made headlines have been mentioned below.

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Verdicts and Settlements
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