Zyprexa Lawsuits: Helping Victims

The introduction of Zyprexa, manufactured by Eli Lilly, as an effective treatment for schizophrenia was received as good news by many. Before it hit the markets in 1996, people suffered with many side effects from the drugs meant for treating Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Zyprexa in few years became very popular and healthcare experts from all over the world prescribed it to their patients as an effective drug for treating psychotic disorders – Alzheimer, personality disorders, severe aggression and schizophrenia. Then came the shocking news of serious complications to all those who relied too much on Zyprexa. A single reported incident was followed by a chain reaction and the victims of Zyprexa started appearing in large numbers for filing petitions and lawsuits against the manufacturers. The sufferers alleged that side effects which at times proved to be life threatening were not disclosed by the manufacturers.

A lawsuit filed on August 12th 2005, stated that Zyprexa’s association with unexpected increase in blood sugar levels of patients was a proven reality. The lawsuit followed the off-label sale of the drug which does not need to get the  FDA approval. Reported side effects have led to the filing of numerous lawsuits. Incidence of hyperglycemia and even pancreatitis experienced mainly among older people have often been reported as its common side effects. The fatality rate of this drug was about 2% higher than other anti-psychotic drugs sold in the market.

Another lawsuit focused on issuing a forewarning while taking Zyprexa, in April 2005. This time Zyprex was accounted for increasing cardiac disorders and respiratory problems. There were many letters sent from European agencies and Canadian health ministry to Eli Lilly warning against the serious side effects of Zyprexa. These agencies demanded the makers to warn patients about the same beforehand. Rapid weight gain and obesity were some other effects for which Eli Lilly received warnings.

As per one lawsuit against Zyprexa, the company had to settle for an amount of $690 million in 2005. The purpose was to settle about 75% of all the filed cases. Majority of lawsuits filed against Zyprexa, alleged that the company’s inability to display adequate warnings about the drug’s effect was the primary reason behind mishaps.

Another lawsuit in October 2005, stating that Zyprexa was leading to increased incidences of deaths among older schizophrenia patients, made headlines. As per studies it was proved that people administered with Zyprexa were at a 54% risk of dying in the first 12 weeks of medication when compared to other anti-psychotic drugs. The study that was conducted on 3353 patients indicated 118 deaths due to Zyprexa, compared to just 40 from other placebos.

Increasing number of lawsuits were a clear indication about the dangerous effects Zyprexa had. For victims, it became necessary to take help from law in order to get compensated and also to save others from a nightmare that would become the most horrifying truth of their lives.