Simvastatin, popularly known as is a drug used to lower cholesterol level in people and at the same time to decrease lipids as well. Belonging to the class of drugs called Statin, the risk of muscle damage while administering this drug is high, especially when prescribed in more than 20 mg concentration. Zocor’s conjunction with medications like Zetia and Vytorin is also noticeable. Once a popular drug in the industry, Zocor sales suffered heavily after 2009, when reports showed Zocor to be having severe side effects. Studies and reports led to the filing of many lawsuits to help patients, who suffered and to help them get compensated. Some lawsuits that have been popular in Zocor’s case are:

General overview:

As per one report, 24 million people in America take prescription drugs for lowering cholesterol. It is a huge business and Statin drugs are one of the most sellable pharmaceutical products. Few statistics that shocked everyone relying on this drug’s effectiveness seem worth mentioning.

According to a study, out of 41,050 patients who were recommended Zocor, approximately 60% who were given Zocor for four years experienced myopathy. This was most evident among patients who were taking Zocor in 80 mg dose.


Search trial that was done over a period of 6 and a half years revealed similar findings. A comparable study was conducted with two groups of patients in which one was given 20 mg Simvastatin and second group was given 80 mg Simvastatin. It was observed that patients in the second group who were administered higher dosage of Simvastatin were more prone to develop myopathy than the patients from first group.

The above studies eventually led plaintiffs to file lawsuits against