The most prominent side effect seen after patients were administered Zocor was an increasd incidence of muscle disorders in the form of Rhabdomylosis, which can be fatal if not caught in time. When these findings came to light, those who had suffered from the side effects of Zocor began filing lawsuits against the makers of the drug. Today, we will take a look at three of the lawsuits filed against Merck, the makers of Zocor.

First, a brief history of Zocor: Zocor is a prescription drug, chemically named as Simvastatin, and belongs to the class of ‘Statin’ drugs. Commonly prescribed to patients with high cholesterol levels and are at greater risk of developing heart problems. The drug inhibits the cholesterol production in the liver and regulates the LDL, HDL and Lipid levels.

A case was brought to news on the 12th of March 2010, which said that the Zocor label was revised after studies revealed that the same was associated with severe complications. The main points this focused on were:

  • Patients that have Chinese descent should not be given 80 mg dose of Zocor, especially when they are taking niacin drugs already.
  • Careful study is needed for such patients when they are already taking any cholesterol altering product (prescription/non-prescription/herbal).
  • It is best to avoid prescribing Zocor in more than 40 mg dose, especially when patients are taking Diltiazem as it is linked to a high risk of myopathy or muscle damage.

Another case:

Mega billion dollar pharmaceutical company played with the wellbeing of people produced ill effects rather than doing any good.

Kidneys that are responsible for filtering blood and eliminating waste from body is an important organ. When dehydrated, the urine produced is more concentrated and dark in color. When rhambdomyolosis occurs in a person this leads to muscle degenerating which further causes blockage in kidney system. More often linked with trauma or injuries but sometimes even some drugs can induce the effect. Worsening of kidney diseases can eventually lead to kidney failure which may even turn life threatening. This lawsuit, focusing on getting justice for such people who have suffered from the ill effects of 80 mg Zocor, can be filed if you stand eligible.

One more case:

Everyone entrusts their doctors completely when ill. But, in instances when doctors fail to offer adequate treatments and practice negligence, they are offenders in the eyes of law. For patients who were administered Zocor in 80 mg dose several muscle injuries followed by kidney failure and maybe death were seen. Zocor lawsuits aimed at getting the ones who’ve suffered the damage the right compensation. This focused on getting back the monetary losses, which people may have faced by paying medical bills, lost wages and any other severity.

As per reports simvastatin in Zocor can lead to development of such complications. The first warning for the same was raised by FDA in 2008 which brought to notice that there exists a life threatening correlation between Zocor and rhabdomyolysis. This was further confirmed in more reports published in March 2010 and later.

FDA since then has warned doctors from prescribing Zocor 40 mg dose to patients on blood pressure control medication. Despite the warning, healthcare experts still continue to prescribe this drug in not just 40, but 80 mg concentration.

It thus appears imperative that the same must be brought to notice and serious action must be taken against such doctors.

If you or someone close has suffered the effects of Zocor, it’s now time to get active and get compensated for the losses you may have faced.  Unless you take action and file a legal claim, it is unlikely that the responsible parties will be forced to bear the consequences of their negligence.