There are many different causes of knee pain such as injury, arthritis and infection. Some of the knee pain treatments require and in some cases surgery is required too.

A knee replacement surgery needs resurfacing of the parts of the bones that rub together with metal and plastic implants. In this process damaged portion of bone is removed and then it is fixed with implants. The surface of the femur is replaced with an identical rounded metal component. The tibia surface gets a smooth plastic component. The undersurface of the kneecap is also replaced as per need with the polyethylene plastic.

The implants are used in knee replacement surgeries to give patients relief from problems of knee joints. Zimmer offers a minimally invasive solution through many Zimmer knee components. They have been developed as per requirements for minimally invasive surgery. Zimmer MIS Solutions are designed to facilitate implantation through a smaller incision so that muscles and tendons around the knee are not damaged. These knee components are used to give patients a relaxed and better life.

Considerations while going for Knee Replacement

If you are suffering from acute pain or difficulty walking or in day-to-day activities, you may need a knee implant. Generally total knee replacement is used as a last measure. Doctors opt for minimal invasive methods. Patients with advanced joint disease may have an urgent requirement of knee replacement. It could relieve them from the pain and help them in leading an active life.

Many factors are taken care of while considering a knee replacement. A doctor after considering following factors for a patient individually decides for a knee replacement and chooses a right knee component as per patient’s need.

Knee Pain

Due to knee diseases patients suffer from unbearable knee pain. Joint replacement reduces this pain. Though there is a little pain after surgery too, but it is for small time only. It relieves from pain as a long time effect. Zimmer’s knee systems have deepened trochlear groove in the femoral component. It helps the patient to have many types of motions.

Alignment of Joints

Other consideration while knee replacement is joint alignment, so that you go through minimum wear on your knees. Zimmer implants are more helpful in joint alignment. It gives full and active motion after recovery to the patients.

Trabecular Effect

Trabeculae are small bundles of fibers making the framework of spongy interior bone. Before choosing an implant it is seen that the implant does not damage it and provides it full support.

Bone Preservation

Bone also needs stimulation to stay firm and healthy. Thus an implant must be balanced in supporting the bone tissues. It should stress the bone in optimum amount to make it actively functional.  Zimmer implants provide a balanced fit and natural stress loading.


The ligaments bonding the tissues are damaged in the process of knee implant. Thus a good implant must have support to compensate for these ligaments. Zimmer implants have varying degrees of stability in its knee implant component. It provides stability to the joint.

Range of Motion

A good implant help the patient to retain maximum range of motion. Zimmer implants have deepened trochlear groove to help in maximizing range of motion. It also features Natural-Knee’s asymmetrical tibial baseplate, which is similar to the natural anatomy of bones.

Lifetime of Implant

The longevity of a prosthetic knee may vary depending on a patient’s physical condition and activity level. They need replacement after a period of time. It is done through monitoring of the patient requirements.

Knee Products from Zimmer

The Zimmer offer many knee implant products. They are based on minimally invasive surgery and high-flex designs. It offers gender specific high flex knee solutions, as most of the patients needing knee replacement are women. Women are more affected by knee pain and disability than men. Some of the Zimmer knee products are as follows.

It offers Patella/Tibials/Plates such as natural knee II cemented Baseplate. It also manufactures Nextgen CR, Nextgen CRA and Natural knee II CR. It also produce patient specific instrument to ensure best-fit implant individually. Its minimally invasive solutions include Quad spring knee procedure, partial knee procedure and mini incision knee replacement. Posterior stabilized such as high flex knee, Nextgen LPS flex fixed, Nextgen legacy LPS and Nextgen LCCK are other products from Zimmer. It also provides for cartilage repair through DeNovo NT and high flex partial knee and Unispacer.