Zimmer Holdings is facing many lawsuits brought by Zimmer Hip implant patients. These lawsuits have gotten a boost as the FDA has ordered a post marketing study. Recently the FDA ordered around 21 orthopedic device manufacturers to submit post-marketing reports on 145 potentially defective metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. The Zimmer Durom Cup is included in the list.

The Zimmer hip implants are used in hip replacement surgeries to give patients relief from hipbone diseases. Zimmer Hip components are used for hip replacement in patients having damaged hipbone. They have been developed as per requirements for minimally invasive surgery. Zimmer MIS Solutions have been developed for implantation through a smaller cut to avoid damage to muscles and tendons around the hip.

Zimmer manufactures different products to meet the requirement of hip implants in different patients. They are as follows. Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis, which comes with Kinectiv Technology. It helps in proper adjustment of implant. The other one is Fitmore Hip Stem, which requires minimal invasion and leaves less scarring. Other products from Zimmer are Continuum Acetabular system and Metasul Metal-on-Metal articulation. These products are customizable and long lasting.

The Duram cup is a metal-on-metal implant. It has been linked to acute pains, limping and hindrance in leading active life. Some patients even have to go through revision or corrective surgery after suffering from different problems due to Zimmer hip implants.

The FDA ordered post marketing report is due this year. It is expected to conclude the problems related to Zimmer hip implants. Some medical experts have said the Durom Cup to be defective. It has reported a 10% failure rate. After having this implant many patients needed corrective surgery soon. Any failure rate above 5% is termed as problematic for the implant. They are not standing true to the claim of durability and long life.

Zimmer Holdings was forced to temporarily recall the Duram cup as the reports related to problems associated with this implant started pouring in. In 2008, the Durom Cup was temporarily recalled by Zimmer. Later it was remarketed with updated surgical instructions.

Zimmer faces numerous Zimmer Hip Lawsuits

Zimmer holdings is facing many Zimmer hip lawsuits. These lawsuits are related to the problems caused by Zimmer hip implants impairing patients to live actively. Some patients even suffered worsened conditions than they were in before surgery. Most of the lawsuit claims that temporary recall was not enough as it is still causing problems in patients who have gone through hip replacement surgery using Zimmer hip implants.

They opined that FDA should take more stringent actions, as its action is not enough to check the problems due to these implants. FDA order for post marketing study has only boosted the morale of plaintiffs, who have filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit. These lawsuits blame Zimmer holdings for injuries suffered by patients due to the Durom Cup and other metal-on-metal systems. They are product liability suits demanding compensation for pain, sufferings and medical expenses.