In a latest medical lawsuit a woman plaintiff from California has sued DePuy Orthopedics for not informing patients about the potential side effects of its . The lawsuit was filed on November 21, 2012 by Josephine Langhammer in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California. According to the filed by Langhammer, she underwent a total hip replacement surgery on September 30, 2005 after the advice of her doctor. However, after the implantation she experienced severe side effects and health related complications that forced her to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer for the physical and mental harassment that she has undergone.

In the lawsuit the side effects mentioned include high level of toxic metals in the bloodstream, debilitating lack of mobility and bodily impairment. With the lawsuit the plaintiff brings a number of charges against the manufacturer including breach of implied and express warranties, strict liability, fraudulent concealment and negligence and seeks for compensatory and punitive damages.

Since its approval, the device had been under the scrutiny of for its high failure rate and adverse impacts to human body. There are many lawsuits that are still pending in various MTDL and many are yet to be heard by the Court.

What is Hip Replacement?

or hip replacement is a surgical process in which the natural and defective hip joint of people is replaced by prosthetic implant. Depending on the need and nature of the disease the implant could be complete or semi. The replacement is usually done to relieve patients from arthritis pain, fix severe physical joint damage and/or to treat hip fracture. In a total hip replacement surgery both the acetabulum and femoral head of the hip are replaced.

 Side effects that patients usually suffer from of DePuy hip implant are:

  • Hip Failure
  • Intense and high degree of Hip Pain
  • Loosening of the DePuy ASR Hip
  • Additional Hip Replacement or Revision Surgery
  • Loss of Bones and bone components
  • Inflammatory reactions on the surrounding tissue

Viewing the growing number of lawsuits related to DePuy hip implant a Multi-District Litigation Court was initiated in the Northern District of Texas. Cases usually are transferred to the MTDL to streamline the judicial processes and save legal resources that both parties invest. Although not every DePuy lawsuit is transferred to the MTDL, it helps speeding up the litigation process by combining cases with similar complaints.