Neurological Imaging Technology Provider, Vycor Medical has issued a voluntary Class I recall for its View Site Brain Access System (VBAS) due to the presence of an unidentified black fiber. In the published Class I Recall, Vycor Medical called their customers requesting that they place products of Model # TC171105, Lot # VM83450 into quarantine until further notice. Vycor Medical asked customers holding the affected lot numbers to call the company immediately. Customers in immediate need of the product should advise the Vycor customer service team who can assist in providing an alternative product.

According to the reports from the company though no incidence of adverse effects has yet been found still the move was initiated by the company to ensure public safety. The company has reiterated that it is committed to provide better healthcare services to patients and individuals and thus seeks their co-operation and assistance.

What is View Site Brain Access System?

The View Site Brain Access System produced and marketed by Vycor is one of the most significant neurosurgery retraction devices that offer less invasive way to access surgical  locations and perform critical procedures with minimal damage to surrounding brain tissue, thus minimizing collateral trauma and accelerating post-operative recovery. According to reports from various sources the estimated 600,000 brain surgeries conducted annually around the globe is one of the most painstaking task for neurologists and health care professionals and the device is serving them a lot in addressing the issue.

About Vycor

Vycor Medical, Inc. is one of the leaders in medical device manufacturing sector. The company has been serving neurologists, healthcare professionals and biologists in making neurological, brain, spinal and other surgical procedures safer and more effective. The company is committed to offer innovative and latest innovative medical instruments that are designed to optimize neuro-surgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery, and add tangible value to the professional medical community.