Eye tumors are known as . Ocular is the medicinal name for the eye. Tumors affecting inside the eye are called intraocular and those affecting the exterior are called extra-ocular.

Melanoma of the eye

The cells that turn cancerous in are known as melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that give color and are present in our skin, lips, and outline of body organs such as the eye. Nearly all melanomas initiate in the skin but they can also extend to other parts of the body together with the eye. Melanoma of the eye can start in the:

  • Eyeball (globe)
  • Conjunctiva (layering of the front of the eyeball)
  • Eyelid

The melanoma builds up in the choroid or the ciliary body in approximately 95 out of every 100 cases (95%) of eyeball melanoma. The remaining 5% initiate in the iris.

Lymphoma of the eye

typically starts in the lymph nodes, which are component of your immune scheme. This is known as intraocular lymphoma which is always non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Lymphoma formation inside the eyes is a rare occurrence. You are more probable to have intraocular lymphoma if you have a weak immune structure. For instance, people who:

  • Suffer from AIDS
  • Have had organ transplants and require to take drugs to damp down their immune mechanism
  • Are old

Intraocular lymphoma is treated just like lymphoma anywhere else in the body.

Rare Eye Cancers in children

There are 2 major kinds of tumors of the eyeball that build up in children. These are

  • Retinoblastoma
  • Medulloepithelioma

Retinoblastoma is an uncommon kind of eye tumor that nearly at all times occurs in kids under the age of 5. Medulloepithelioma is a very unusual kind of eye cancer found most frequently in young children. It does not generally spread. Healing option is a surgical procedure to take away the tumor. Sporadically, this will entail removing the eye.

Cancers around the eyeball

It is possible to get a tumor in the tissues and structures neighboring the eyeball. The areas just around the eyes are the orbit and the accessory muscles. Tumors that build up in these parts of the eye are tumors of muscle, nerve and skin tissue.

Secondary eye cancers

Occasionally a tumor can spread to the eye from another part of the body. A tumor that has spread to the eye is known as a secondary eye tumor. In women this is most probable to crop up with breast cancer, and in men with .