The normal injuries a victim can receive after an accident are burn injuries, fractures and some other different injuries. The burn injury is considered to be the most severe as it causes a lot of physical pain and mental agony. Health experts have grouped the burn injuries into three basic categories called as

First Degree Burns, Second Degree Burns and Third Degree Burns. These categories help the medical professional understand how to cure the patients suffering from burn injuries. The category to the burn injuries has been given on the basis of seriousness and treatment required.

There are three degrees of burns:

  • First-degree burns are generally caused by sunburns and affect only the external layer i.e. the epidermis of the skin. They are basically the least serious injuries and cause pain, swelling and redness. They hardly ever require hospitalization and specialized medical treatment. These injuries are treated with the use of skin ointments and they heal on their own over a period of time. They rarely leave any scars and in case there is any that can be removed with some skin creams.
  • Second-degree burns are usually caused by accidents and affect both the external and internal layer underneath the skin. These injuries include epidermis or superficial partial thickness burns and dermis or deep partial thickness burns. They have a moist appearance and cause severe pain, redness, swelling, and blistering. They require hospitalization and specialized medical treatment as they are considered to be the most difficult to diagnose.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious type of burn injuries. In these injuries the entire thickness of the skin is burnt and the burn largely extends into deeper tissues. They cause white or waxy, charred skin and sometimes also cause numbness as the pain sensors are destroyed in the injury. They also require hospitalization and specialized treatment for healing the injury and improving overall skin.

Burn injuries should not be taken less seriously in any case. Third degree and serious burn injuries sometimes also cause internal organ damages and are responsible for other ailments.

Burn injuries caused due to an explosion or a fire, electricity, chemicals, hot liquids, radiation, friction, heated objects, the victims sometimes receive serious third degree burns.  These injuries require specialized treatment and extended healing time. Skin grafts and some cosmetic treatment are followed by the doctors during healing process to help reduce the appearance or severity of scars.