Bone cancer is a cancer which develops in bone cells and tissue. Bone cancer can be less severe benign  or the life threatening malignant bone cancer.

Benign bone cancer:

This type of bone cancer is not life threatening and does not spread to other tissues and organs of our body. It is more common than malignant bone cancer. Benign bone cancer can further be of following types:

  • Osteoid osteoma
  • Osteoblastoma
  • Osteochondroma

Malignant bone cancer


It is a severe and life threatening bone cancer that can spread to other tissues and organs. It destroys normal bone tissue. Following are the types of malignant bone cancer:


It is also known as Osteogenic Sarcoma & is one of the most common primary bone cancers. It arises from osteoid tissue in the bone and develops at the end of the bone. This bone cancer develops in knee, arm, and pelvis and is mostly found in younger people aged 10 to 25.

Ewing’s sarcoma:

Dr. James Ewing in 1921 discovered this type of cancer & that is why it is named after him. It develops in middle part of the bones. It is more common in children & teenagers than adults. The common areas where Ewing’s sarcoma appears are pelvis, upper leg, ribs, and arm.

Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (MFH):

MFH is a type of cancer that starts in soft tissues than in bones. If it starts in soft tissues, it affects ligaments, muscles. It is most common in elderly and middle-aged adults. It grows quickly & spreads to other parts of the body. MFH affects legs & arms if it develops in bones.

Fibro sarcoma:

It is more common in elderly and middle-aged adults. Fibro sarcoma develops in soft tissues. It mostly affects leg, arm & jaw bones.

Giant cell tumor of bone:

It is a type of primary bone cancer. It is of benign and malignant forms. It is common in young and middle-aged adults. Giant cell tumor affects leg and arm bones. However, benign form is more common. It doesn’t spread to different sites.


Chordoma is mostly found in adults over 30 years. It develops in skull or spine bones. They grow slowly and do not spread to other parts of the body. However, if not removed completely they tend to appear again. The common areas which are affected by Chordoma are lymph nodes, lungs & the liver.


It is a type of primary bone cancer and develops in shin bone.

Summary: The types of bone cancer helps in determining with what type of cancer, the patient is suffering from. One can always go to specialist centers & get diagnosed for the type of bone cancer.