The exact cause for development of has not been detected yet. Thus it is not possible to prevent this disease. But patients, who have risk factors of Myeloma, can consult their doctor for routine check-ups and early detection of this disease.

Normally a patient with Myeloma is referred to a haematologist or oncologist. The physical condition, genetics, and medical history of the patient are considered before the treatment. Patient may consult with multiple doctors before deciding the specialist for the treatment. The doctor will tell them about different treatment methods, their benefits and harm and, which one is suitable for them. He will first determine the stage of the disease and then suggest the treatment on that basis.

Treatment for each individual may differ based on his or her condition and the spread of the disease. Normally treatment methods such as chemotherapy, corticosteroids and radiation are used for treatment depending on the patient’s need. Some patients may need supportive care for treatment of other complications arising due to this disease.

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