Burn injuries whether they are minor burns or serious burns are very painful and lead to swelling, blistering and skin damage. Burn injuries can occur to anyone, anytime and anywhere, even if you try to be careful. Often, people resort to a number of things if they find it relaxing. Sometimes it aggravates the burn injuries rather than help in healing them up. As the burn injuries differ in cause and treatment, certain approaches will not necessarily relieve the victim. Hence it becomes important for us to know well about the approaches and proper treatment procedures.

Since the burn injuries are of three categories: first-degree burns, second-degree burns and third-degree burns, and similarly they cause different level of severity, therefore the different treatment approach is required to be followed to cure the burn victims.

Minor Burns: First and second degree burns are considered to be the minor burn injuries. They are less serious and the outer layer of the skin is affected and so can be managed with first aid treatment or doctor’s consultation.

Below are the steps how to treat this type of burn injuries:

1. Determine the type of burn injury you have sustained. A first-degree burns cause burning of first layer of the skin and redness and swelling all over the affected area. While the second-degree burns affect the second layer of skin and cause slight blistering, redness and unbearable pain.

2. Hold the burn affected part under preferably cold running water at least for 10-15 minutes. Avoid applying ice directly as it may worsen the burn injury although it alleviates the pain.

3. Don’t put any bandage and wrap it gently with a sterile, dry cloth. Avoid using cotton as that can stick to the wound and result to long period of healing.

4. Apply a burn ointment to the affected area and take a pain reliever in case the pain is unbearable.

5. Try to protect the area maximum and immediately consult a doctor for an evaluation if there are symptoms of infection.

Major Burns: Third degree is the most severe and considered to be the major type of burns. These are painless because the inner tissues and nerves are damaged and the skin becomes dry, black, brown and sometimes yellow.

Below are the important steps you should follow when you sustain a third degree burn:

1. Determine the severity of the burn and if the burn is identified the major burn, then seek for immediate medical care. Do not remove any anything like clothing, watches, jewelries etc. without medical advice which has adhered to the victim as it may lead to excessive bleeding.

2. Never treat third-degree burns with cold water. It may aggravate the state of shock of the victim.

3. Do not move the person, If the burn is suspected severe burn and there is a head, neck or spine injury, or broken bones.

4. Cover the victim with a cool and sterile bandage if possible. Stay with the victim until any medical help arrives.

Do remember the burn injuries are serious and should not be given even a less care. Look for medical help whenever you experience any type of burn injuries. It is expected that the above mentioned steps to treat burn injuries will guide you on how to treat them appropriately.