Topiramte commonly known as Topamax is a drug that is considered to dramatically cure migraine headaches and certain epileptic seizures. It is approved to cure it but is also prescribed for some other diseases, for example obesity, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, PTSD, infantile spasm and some other forms of headaches, off label. Also, its intake causes various severe side effects which starts from the very first dosage.

Initially topiramate proved no harm to humans but reports came which explains the severity of these side effects. Hence topiramate was categorised as a Pregnancy Category C drug.

However, The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has again shifted the category of Topamax, now from C to D. The decision was taken when it became clear that the drug can cause extreme damage to a human fetus. Consult an expert physician if currently taking Topamax to treat your epilepsy or migraine headaches and you are pregnant at the same time. Taking this drug without proper consultation can result in complex side effects.  Consult your doctor and find a safer alternative to prevent your migraines or epileptic seizures.

If the damage is already done as in your baby is born with one or more birth defects when you were using Topamax yet there is a legal procedure to deal with it.  To discuss your legal options contact a Topamax attorney now. Some of the birth defects include cleft palate, cleft lip, and genital defects.  A Topamax lawyer can direct you to the benefits of filing a lawsuit for side effects, in case your child is born with a birth defect due to intake of Topamax.

The use of anticonvulsant drugs like Topamax has made many victims of serious injuries. Compensation can be very well demanded if topiramate is found to be the reason of the damage and injury done to a person. The action is simply done by filing a Topamax law suit. Individuals who have experienced grave or irreparable damage as birth defects can file a defective drug lawsuit. It is typically done when a person uses a drug because it is marketed to the public without proper and prior warnings.

The manufacturing company Johnson & Johnson was held accountable for the birth injuries done to children whose mothers were Topamax users during their pregnancy. One can seek and get financial recompense for the pain that the victim and his family suffered or injuries he or his kin has faced due to Topamax usage.

This step of filing lawsuits has also opened eyes of many to research a bit before going for any drug. It brought the attention of the public to the importance of secure treatment. Also, the emergency and importance of more strict regulations on the drugs available out there in the market is highlighted. There are Topamax action lawsuit classes started to know more about the side effects which also give the knowhow of filing a lawsuit properly.

Lawyers dealing with such cases work in a way that the money is only demanded if your Topamax lawsuit is successful.