In a recent lawsuit filed in the Northern District of , plaintiff seeks a monetary compensation for the physical and mental anguish that the plaintiff suffered all the way through. The lawsuit was filed by Tina Miller, a resident of Texas on November 2, 2012. In the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff and her personal injury lawyer it was claimed that the implanted Pinnacle Hip device caused her undergo revision surgery and is likely to remove the failed hip implant device. Though the Pinnacle Hip Implant lawsuit was filed on Northern district of Texas however it was transferred to the Multidistrict litigation court of Texas to streamline the judicial process and consolidate the case with other lawsuits pertaining to the same device.

In the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff and her Pinnacle Hip Implant lawyer, Miller was implanted with the pinnacle hip implant device in the year of 2007 however immediately after receiving the she suffered multiple side effects that she was not aware of. Some of the side effects that she mentioned in the lawsuit are:

  • Severe Pain
  • Feeling grinding sensation
  • Hearing popping noises
  • Metal poisoning/metallosis
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling in joints
  • Loosening in the hip implant
  • Development of tumors in the area

According to reports there are that are pending in the multidistrict litigation court of Texas and are yet to be heard. Most of the plaintiffs included in the lawsuits have also complained of the same type of symptoms as Miller including Necrosis and dislocation of the hip joint. Necrosis is also known as premature tissue death of body.

Meanwhile, the plaintiff has sought for compensatory and punitive damages and claimed an excess of $5mn for the sufferings that the metal implant device caused her.

What is Hip Replacement?

Replacement of hip or hip replacement is a surgical process in which the natural and defective hip joint of people is replaced by prosthetic implant. Depending on the need and nature of the disease the implant could be complete or semi. The replacement is usually done to relieve patients from arthritis pain, fix severe physical joint damage and/or to treat hip fracture. In a total hip replacement surgery both the Acetabular and femoral head of the hip are replaced.

However, after having approved by the FDA the device had been under the scrutiny of FDA and many other federal agencies due to the degree of adverse effects it produce and the growing number of .

What is Metallosis or Metal Poisoning

Metallosis or metal poisoning is a condition that appears due to the metal components of the Pinnacle device rubbing together and releasing metal particles into the blood stream. The condition could be characterized and identified by various symptoms like:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling near the affected joints
  • Severe pain
  • Development of tumors in the affected parts