Tai Chi is another popular discipline, which is believed to be helpful for cancer patients. Though it cannot be used to replace conventional treatment methods for cancer, it can be used as a method to fight the symptoms of the disease and side effects of the treatment. There are no scientific evidences that Tai Chi has a direct effect on , but it may be used after taking advice from the doctor in conjunction with conventional treatment methods.

Tai Chi is a discipline involving different exercises or a series of slow and quick movements. These movements are repeatedly done. Tai Chi involves low-impact, weight-bearing exercises. It comes from China and having been practiced for thousands of years. It involves gentle exercise so that body is not harassed. Tai Chi involves the idea that there is a life force called “chi”. This energy or force flows through the body along a energy pathway. This energy pathway is called meridians. Tai Chi exercises are meant to balance the unbalanced life force or free the blocked life force or “Chi”.

Research indicates that Tai Chi infuses oxygen throughout the body. It increases blood oxygen saturation and diffusion, which can be beneficial for cancer patients. It may help with treatment or prevention of help. A study conducted in Florida showed that there was a significant effect among patients undergoing the study on increased blood oxygen saturation during the practice of Tai Chi.

The key element of the Tai Chi is to use oxygen through relaxation. The Chinese word “Qi”, which is pronounced as “Chi” means oxygen. Thus tai chi involves promotion of Qi or Chi or Oxygen as a important factor. Tai Chi is done slowly and alongside complete deep breaths is taken. Tai Chi movements should be relaxed and continuous. Tai Chi is often done along with “Qi Gong”, which is a breathing exercise for a warm up for Tai Chi.

Uses of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is useful for improvement of overall health while undergoing cancer treatment. It helps in reducing pain and infuses self- confidence. It is helpful in dealing with the side effects of some cancer treatment. It reduces or eliminates pain occurring due to treatment and improves physical mobility. Tai Chi helps cancer patients to have improved sleep, both in terms of quantity and quality. Thus it helps to reduce stress, and anxiety. Regular practice of Tai Chi helps to have improved mental health by dealing particularly with anxiety, depression, and stress.