The staging of bone cancer is based on TNMG category. In this, T means the size of the tumor, N indicates spreading of cancer cells to regional lymph nodes, M shows whether the cells have metastasized and G is the grade.

The following are the stages of bone cancer-

Stage I:

Stage I is labeled as low grade as the cancer cells are localized to the bone. The bone cancer in this stage is slowest in growing. It is divided into Stage IA & Stage IB. The cancer in stage IA is less than 8cm whereas it is more than 8cm in stage IB.

Stage II:

The cancer in this stage does not spread outside the bone. However, the bone cancer is considered to be high grade in this stage as they are highly aggressive. It is also divided into Stage IIA and Stage IIB with the same description as in stage I

Stage III:

The cancer in Stage III is found in multiple places and is generally high grade cancer cells. The more common area for bone cancer in this stage is to spread in lungs.

Stage IV:

It is the most advanced stage of bone cancer. They spread beyond the bones and tend to grow in other tissues. It is divided in Stage IVA and Stage IVB.

Symptoms of Bone Cancer:

Bone cancer develops over time. It spreads outside the bone or in nearby lymph nodes, nerves or blood vessels.

The most common symptom of bone cancer is pain. Bone cancer generally happens in arms and legs. So pain is observed mostly in these areas.

Swelling, tenderness, stiffness in the affected area is also some of the symptoms of bone cancer.

Disturbance in normal movements of bone weaken them, which results into fracture sometimes is also a symptom of cancer.

If someone is diagnosing with fever, should immediately get it checked as it can be a cause of bone cancer.

Losing weight has also been termed as a symptom of cancer.

Anemia and fatigue are also the symptoms of cancer.


One should always consult the doctor to know about the stage of cancer and till what extent it has reached. One should not change the doctor during the treatment.

The above mentioned symptoms are not real causes of bone cancer but still you should be careful and get yourself examined by the specialist and treat your problem.