is the key member of the cardiac system of human body. Its primary role is to circulate oxygenated blood in the human body though veins. One of disease which can impact heart functionality is Heart Cancer, even though it is very rare. Like every possible tumor in human body, there are different stages of which it goes through before reaching the final stage. Heart cancer develops in a human heart due to creation of malignant cells. Cardiac experts have categorized stages of heart cancer in five stages:-

Stage 0:

It is the infant age of the where it can be permanently cured without leaving any chances of coming back. Other name to this stage is given as pre-cancerous stage (carcinoma)

Stage 1:

This stageis also curable as it is the stage where the tumor development actually starts. Surgery can be performed to get rid of the in this stage. The size of tumor is not more than 2 cm.


Stage 2 :

In this stage of cancer, the cell starts to expand at a faster rate and cross the boundaries of stage 1. The tumor size in this stage ranges from 2 to 5 centimeters and can be cured by performing safe surgeries.


Stage 3:

In stage 3, the cell exhibits severe abnormal behavior and tend to metastasize. Cancer cells starts to enter lymph nodes and other nearby areas from where tumor originated initially. Tumor size becomes as big as 5 centimeters and cells starts to spread in the other parts of the body. Still it can be treated by surgical methods but in complimentary with radiation procedures.


Stage 4:

It is almost an incurable stage where cells spread to other parts of body and that too rapidly which is unstoppable. Tough procedure like chemical and radiation therapy are advised in this stage which is very harsh on a human body.

 It is very important to diagnose the tumor at a very early stage so that small surgeries or therapies can be used to cure the disease with 100% surety. The kind of treatment given to a heart cancer patient varies according to the stage of the cancer. A healthy heart is very important for a healthy and long life.