» Brush twice a day.

» Bathe regularly.

» Get your health and dental checkups done regularly.

» Get plenty of rest and sleep.

» Don’t over indulge.

» Dont skip breakfast.

» Eat right and drink lots of water and juices.

» Eat whole foods and colourful foods.

» Eat plenty of vegetables.

» Stay away from too much caffeine.

» Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

» Get plenty of sunshine every once in a while.

» Walk frequently.

» Walk barefoot for few minutes everyday.

» Excercise regularly.

» Reading is a good exercise for brain.

» Take short breaks duing work.

» Be social and surround yourself with friends.

» Smile and Laugh.

» Go for vacations.

» Pick up a hobby.

» Be close to nature.

» Breathe deeply.

» Spend time with family.

» Cut down your TV time.

» Meditate.Think positive.

»Donate and be generous.

» Shun materialism and live frugally.

» Forgive and forget. »

Dont forget you have one life to live, live it healthy.