Side Effects: Death and Strangulation

The ShoulderFlex Massager was a massager meant for personal use to ease soreness of muscles in the neck, shoulder and back. While the user lies flat on their back, the user would control the massager with a handheld contoller. The massager comes with a memory foam pillow, and a machine washable sleeve.  The ShoulderFlex offered the user the ability to adjust the intensity and depth of massage by adjusting the “fingers” on the rotating bar. These “fingers”  were detachable allowing the user to completely customize thier massage. Another benefit to the machine was it’s portability, the user was able to use it in any convenient location.  The manufacturer has claimed to have sold nearly 12,000 units between 2003 and 2011. However, due to complications, injuries and risk of death to it’s users, the manufacturer is planning to recall the items.

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