There are a number of diseases which have effects worse than cancer, but cancer is the matter of most widespread fear among the human population. is a dreaded disease, which can affect a number of vital organs of the human. When cancerous cells develop in a person’s stomach, the condition is termed as gastric cancer.

The stomach is a vital part of the upper digestive tract of living beings. The food particles are digested here. The lining wall of the stomach comprises of 3 layers of tissue:

Mucosal layer, which is the innermost layer

Mscularis layer, which is the middle layer

Serosal layer, which is the outermost layer

or stomach cancer starts in the cells which line the innermost mucosal layer, and grows through the outer layers as it advances. The exact causes of this disease ate still not known. However, the following factors are known to increase the risk of the occurrence of gastric cancer:


Stomach cancer is known to affect men more than woman.

Genetics and family history

– sometimes, the problem of gastric cancer may be hereditary.

Blood group

– people having blood group A may be at increased risk.


– gastric cancer is known to occur in people having age 70 or above.

Unhealthy lifestyle factors – this includes unhealthy practices like smoking, , eating fewer amounts of fruits and vegetables or eating preserved foods.

Previous health problems

– like chronic gastritis, gastric polyps, pernicious anemia, intestinal metaplasia, and earlier stomach surgery.

Prolonged work-related exposure

to harmful cancer- causing materials in nickel refining, coal mining and rubber processing, timber processing, and exposure to asbestos can cause cancer.

The symptoms of gastric cancer are very rarely seen in the in the early stages the disease. Some of these symptoms are:

  •  Mild nausea or vomiting
  •  Feeling bloated after eating
  •  Indigestion and discomfort in the stomach
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Heartburn

These minor symptoms are similar to the symptoms of certain other diseases. Unfortunately, the major symptoms of gastric cancer are seen only when the cancer grows and becomes very large. The symptoms of the advanced stage of cancer include:

  • Presence of blood in the stool of the patient (which is mostly seen as black tarry stools)
  •  Discomfort in the upper or middle part of the abdomen.
  •  Noticeable .
  •  Vomiting blood.
  •  Severe pain in the stomach after eating.
  •  Weakness or exhaustion coupled with mild anemia.
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