Riata ST Optim Lead is manufactured by a global medical device company St. Jude Medical, Inc. Riata lead is an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) lead. ICDs are devices used to treat sudden cardiac arrests by passing a shock (electrical impulse) with a small device that is implanted near the heart. Riata defibrillator is a similar device that monitors heart rhythm. It is meant for detection of abnormal heart rhythms and after detection to give a shock to the heart. This shock is generated through the leads connecting the heart to the defibrillator. The shock is given to the heart to normalize the heart rhythm.

It comes in various models for either active fixation or passive fixation. Different models have different coil spacing and length. These models have true or integrated bipolar or dual coil.

There is a potential risk involved that wires inside the Riata silicone leads poke through the insulation. They could also puncture the heart, or deliver unwanted shocks.

What is Optim Lead Insulation?

Optim lead insulation has been designed for cardiac uses. It is the first of its kind of insulation. It is silicone-polyurethane co-polymer insulation. It is a chemical polymer of polyurethane and silicone. It incorporates best features of both of its ingredients. It has durability due to use of polyurethane. The use of silicone makes it flexible. It is coated with more lubricant than other insulations. This type of insulation lasts longer than silicone insulations.

Features of Riata ST Optim Lead

Riata ST Optimum lead has silicone with optim insulation overlay and Fast-Pass coating, which makes it easy in implantation and makes it flexible and durable. These defibrillation leads are highly advanced Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators. These defibrillation leads makes implant easier, reliable and flexible. Its features are as follows-

  • Thin Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator for ease of use–   It is one of the worlds thinnest ICDs. It can easily pass through and thus only a small venous puncture is needed. It also saves venous space and could be inserted with a 7 F introducer.
  • Faster implantation – It can be implanted quickly as it is easy to implant and can easily and quickly pass through.
  • Comes with an active mapping collar – It comes with an active mapping color. It helps doctors to take measurements before extending the helix.
  • Comes with Fast-Pass coating – It comes with a fast pass coating, which makes it more lubricious and easy to implant.
  • It is safer – It is safer than other such implants as its design prevents tissue ingrowths. Its lead shock coils are back-filled with silicone so the space of shock coil is fully filled.
  • It is reliable- It is reliable than other insulations as it has an additional conductors, which provides back up in case of a conductor failure.
  • Increased pacing efficiency and reduced polarization- It offers precise sensing and thus increased pacing efficiency. It provides better contact to the myocardium and reduces polarization.
  • Shock-coil spacing options– It also comes with different shock coil spacing options to provide proper positioning as different patients have different heart sizes or shapes.
  • Shock-coil options– It also has options in shock coil configuration. Doctors could choose from single or dual shock coil options to fit the patient’s need.
  • Active or passive fixation – It comes with options of active or passive fixation to provide flexibility of implant to both doctor and patient.
  • True or integrated bipolar sensing – It has either true or integrated bipolar sensing. It allows doctor to choose sensing according to the patient’s need. Integrated bipolar sensing provides consistency of R-wave amplitudes. It also provides for sensing of small R waves.
  • Multiple lengths – It comes in multiple length option adding to flexibility. It helps the doctors to implant it to different patients with different vascular structure.
  • Designed to reduce inflammation- It comes with lower thresholds with steroid elution, thus reduces inflammation at the place of interaction of lead and tissues.

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