is a dreaded disease and patients suffering from it go under many psychological pressures including fear, stress, tension, depression and anxiety. Patients undergoing conventional also face many emotional upheavals. There is a dire need of relaxation. There are many relaxation techniques used by cancer patients. Some of them are discussed below.

Deep-Breathing Exercises

Deep-breathing techniques are used for relaxation in cancer patients. They need you to place one hand on chest and the other on stomach before inhaling a deep breath. Deep breath is then held for few seconds before exhaling. This immensely helps to ease out stress and anxiety.


Meditation is a mind concentration technique for relaxation. Patients need to pull out their thoughts from the outer world and concentrate within. Two types of meditations are widely used. One-pointed meditation or Transcendental Meditation involves chanting a mantra and focusing on that. Two-pointed meditation or Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on one’s own thoughts and Czech Republic Soccer Jersey sensations.

Guided Imagery

Many patients practice guided imagery for relaxation Golden Goose Sneakers Herren Sale purpose. Imagery or visualization is like daydreaming. Patients listen to music or sound from nature and imagine themselves at these places. It relaxes mind and relieves patients from stress and anxiety. It can be used as a part of comprehensive psychosocial treatment for cancer patients. It helps in stress and pain management after chemotherapy.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation helps to reduce anxiety and nausea. It involves tensing and then releasing each muscle group along with rhythmic breathing. Muscles are tensed while inhaling and relaxed while exhaling. It involves an upward movement of tension and release starting from toes and moving upward to head.

Autogenic training

This technique involves visual imagery along with body awareness for relaxation purpose. Patients need to imagine a peaceful place and then focus on physical sensations, it eases stress and anxiety and promote relaxation.


It involves different postures, rhythmic breathing, and meditation to help in improving physical health as well as mental well-being. is said to be useful in managing some symptoms of cancer. It helps to attain relaxation physical fitness.

Tai chi

involves different exercises or a series of slow and quick movements. It helps in reducing pain and infuses self – confidence. Tai Chi helps cancer patients to have improved sleep, both in terms of quantity and quality and reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

Music Therapy

Music therapy helps in enhancing quality of life for cancer patients. It uses music to encourage patients to express their emotions and improve social interaction. This therapy may involve listening to music, moving on it, singing, composing music, writing lyrics and playing it on simple musical instruments. It helps cancer patients in relaxing.


There are many exercises that not only promote physical fitness but also infuse mental well-being by reducing stress, depression and anxiety and increasing level of relaxation.


It is one of several relaxation techniques. is a state of restful alertness. It transports patients into a trance like state. In hypnosis the patient is relatively unaware of, but not completely blind to, his or her surroundings. It is helpful in reducing fear and anxiety. Hypnosis is used to calm Parajumpers Kobuk Väst people before having chemotherapy.

Massage therapy

is one of the most common relaxing techniques. Oncology massage therapy is beneficial for cancer patients in reducing level of pain, elevating mood and improving quality of life. Massage therapy helps in relaxation, reducing muscle tension and improving lymphatic functions. It also reduces anxiety and depression and improves immune function.