Recovering from drug addiction is not easy. It involves lot of courage, mental as well as physical strength. Drug addicts often feel that withdrawal is impossible, mostly because of the lack of support or because they are very much confused and disoriented. But it is possible to come out of even severe addictions with proper treatment and family support. The first step is to find out the root cause of drug addiction. As it is identified, treatment becomes easier.

For a drug addict deciding to go for treatment is the initial but the largest step. Once they decide that they have to come out of, half the battle is won. They have start properly dealing with stress and use their free time in positive activities. The process starts with trying to change. Addicts should talk to someone they can trust. It will help them tracking their drug use pattern and people who are inducing use of drugs. They will also be able to analyse their addiction behavior and its consequences. Then they need to prepare themselves for changes required for recovery. They should analyse reason of quitting, past attempts of quitting and things hindering their attempts. Removing things associated with addiction also helps in quitting the drug.

The second step is to choose the right treatment options. No treatment is suitable to each and every addict. Treatment should such that it not only treats drug addiction but tries to address other related problems. After choosing a treatment, it is essential that the addict remains committed to it. Follow up is another important thing. Every patient does not need to go to rehabilitation centres. They may be treated at their home, they may need support groups or rehabs depending on the duration and degree of addiction. Taking care of mental health is equally important during treatment.

Taking support of a close family member or friend helps a lot. It gives emotional support as well as prevent from backing out. Changing the social circle also positively works. Addicts should avoid people associated with their addiction problem and try to bond with people who could distract them to some positive activities. Joining a recovery group is also quite helpful.

Next step is to handle stress without drugs with other positive means. Once the addict learns how to handle stress and other painful emotions, it reduces chances of relapse. Stress, loneliness, frustration, anger, shame, anxiety, and hopelessness are part of life. If they are effectively handled with some recreational and positive activities, addicts will not need to resort again to drugs. Exercises, yoga, meditation, listening to music, playing with children or pets, walking or a cup of tea, any of these means could be used as stress buster.

Next important thing is keeping the cravings for drugs in check. Avoiding old friends and addicts, avoiding places related to this habit and being clear about addictive habits during treatment, help to fight the cravings for drugs. Talking to a friend or family, indulging in distracting activities, trying to remember positive thing, when these craving occurs are of immense help.

Addicts can add new spirit to their life by adopting a pet, indulging in a new hobby or mixing up in their community. They should set meaningful goals for their life and channelize their energy and thoughts to it. Taking care of physical as well as mental health is also important as a healthy mind and body are helpful in preventing a fall again in the drug trap.

In case of replaces, addicts should not be disheartened. Further treatment and desire to recover with follow ups will help them come out of this addiction. Being in touch with a drug addictive recovery support group does help. It’s tough to get out from drug addiction, but recovery is not impossible. A little courage and lots of support can help to sail through.