Many lawsuits were filed against Janssen pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of Propulsid related to severe side effects of the drug especially heart attack. The very first decision in a Propulsid lawsuit decided a settlement of $100 million.  This lawsuit involved 10 plaintiffs. They were awarded the above said amount jointly as compensation for their suffering and pain. Later an appeal was filed in this case and the settlement amount was reduced to $48 million.  The decision came in 2001 in Mississippi. All the cases in this lawsuit were related to heart problems including heart arrhythmia caused due to use of Propulsid.

Propulsid is brand name for cisapride. It comes in both tablets and suspension. Propulsid contains Cisapride as main active ingredient. Propulsid or Cisapride is used for treatment of heartburn, which occurs due to gastric reflux. It regulates the acid level in esophagus. Cisapride increases the rate of digestion. It also increases bowel movements and strengthens the muscle between stomach and esophagus.

Doctors prescribe it for purposes not listed in medical guide too based on their clinical judgment. Use of this medicine has been restricted to U.S. market only. It is due to safety concerns.

Use of Propulsid could lead to many serious side effects. Some of them could prove fatal. It could cause dizziness, fainting feeling, irregular or fast heartbeat, heart attack, chest pain, mood or mental changes, pain in stomach or other stomach problems, allergic reactions, breathing trouble and feeling of passing out.

Janssen pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. It was the first to use Cisapride after it discovered this drug in 1980. The cisapride drug namely Propulsid was approved by FDA in 1993. It proved to be a money-spinner for its manufacturer. Later in 2000 it was recalled as reports related to its severe side effects especially heart attack, kept pouring in.

Soon after the production of Propulsid started, reports related to its fatal side effects started coming. It was linked to severe side effects such as heart attack and Tachycardic ventricular arrhythmia. FDA informed Johnson and Johnson about reports of serious heart arrhythmia displayed by at least 18 patients, who were using Propulsid. Later FDA issued a restriction, which forbid children from taking this medicine. Even after that reports of heart problems related to Propulsid did not stop. Many of them were showing fatal consequences.

Finally in January 2000 FDA announced about the link of Propulsid to heart arrhythmia. This led to recall of this drug by its manufacturer Johnson and Johnson very same year. But the lawsuit against side effects of Propulsid did not stop, they are coming by large. Even now Johnson and Johnson, manufacturer of Propulsid, are facing numerous lawsuits related to heart related problems due to use of Propulsid.

The award in favor of plaintiffs in the first decision in Propulsid lawsuit has opened up many avenues for other Propulsid lawsuits as well. This is surely going to be a setback for the manufacturer of Propulsid.