Drug treatment programs are extensive and may ask for a lot of time to completely get an addict rehabilitated and return to normal life conditions. It’s easy for addicts to fall prey to relapse. It’s tough to resist the desire of just one shot. Addicts justify this one shot by assuming that it is not going harm

much as it is just one shot. One shot leads to another and then unknowingly addicts gets into the net of relapse. Avoiding relapse is a key factor in complete recovery of a drug addict. There are few things, which if taken care of can help an addict to avoid relapses. If a patient remains sober or stays, it lessens chances of relapse and improves the life of the addict. Following methods could help in preventing relapses:

  • The addicts should avoid the urge of just one shot with his or her full might. The first shot could lead to many more and then it will be impossible to control the urge of drugs.
  • Patients should start with at least one full day without the addictive drug. If an addict succeeds to do so, it will boost confidence in him to go another day without addictive drugs. This will become a chain and help an addict to remain sober and prevent relapse.
  • It is tough to control craving for drugs the addict is addicted to. To handle craving, the best way is to postpone the use of drug. The addict could distract himself by planning to have that drug later, when he suffers a strong craving or urge for the drug. This delay could help him to do away with the use of drug as frequent postponing may help in controlling the urge for drugs.
  • Always keeping in mind the bad things or events associated with use of drug could help an addict to stay away from it. Those bad memories could make him or her refrain from the use of drug.
  • Addicts should avoid substituting the urge for drugs by any other addictive substance such as alcohol, tobacco or smoking. Total abstinence is the best way to get rid of drug addiction and preventing relapses of addiction episodes.
  • An addict should avoid places, friends or routine, which were associated with drug uses. Modifying the routine and keeping stomach full and incorporating healthy habits such as eating early, sleeping timely also help in preventing repeated episodes of drug abuse.
  • The most important thing is that an addict needs to learn to say no when is being offered with any addictive drug or other addictive substances.
  • An addict should try to give up negative emotions and bring positivity in life. Keeping oneself busy in positive and productive activities help to curb out the desire to have drugs. It distracts the addict from its addiction and helps him to indulge in positive social activities. Avoiding feeling of resentments, hostility, frustration and anger helps to bring positive changes in the addict.
  • Having a close friend or family member for support all the time also helps. Addicts can vent out their feelings and urges of having drugs to a close confident and get relieved. It helps in controlling the desire of having drugs and hence episodes of relapses.
  • Regular follow ups with the counsellor or the doctor is another important thing. It helps the addict in dealing with his or her psychological problems related to drug addiction. It helps in preventing relapses and keeping the patient sober.
  • It takes time to build trust of family and friends for an addict. An addict should develop patients. It will help to win the trust of the family and friends and will boost the confidence of the addict. Self-control is the best way to remain sober and prevent relapse episodes.
  • Being active and indulging in different sorts of social or family activities also help. An addict should involve himself in fun and enjoyable activities to stay away from addictive drugs.
  • An addict should avoid hunger and anger. Both these things could trigger negativeness and drug use episodes. Avoiding these things helps in preventing relapses.
  • Loneliness and Tiredness are other catalysts for negativity and craving for drugs. Addicts should avoid being alone. Socializing helps in distraction from drugs. Addicts should be active and should have proper rest too.