News reports and government reports have now confirmed that in the first year of Pradaxa’s approved use in the United States, at least 260 patients have died from bleeding events where blocked the body’s natural blood clotting defense. Three of those patients have now filed Pradaxa product liability lawsuits in federal courts. These Pradaxa lawsuits, filed by a law firm will most assuredly be a landslide of similar lawsuits. If Pradaxa’s continues to be prescribed in the same numbers, and if these serious and fatal injuries continue at the same rate, we expect that the number of lawsuits will grow exponentially. If enough federal lawsuits are filed, the federal judiciary may transfer all such cases to a single judge, who will decide the issues common to all Praxada lawsuits, much like a class action proceeding. The initial Pradaxa cases were filed in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

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