Pornography addiction could be defined as excessive or overuse of pornography. People addicted to porn are always on the lookout for content in the form of porn magazines, adult or X rated films, erotic pictures, fantasy magazines, etc. Online availability of porn stuff has made the problem worse. Since there is lot of free porn on Internet, people are more vulnerable to the risks of porn addiction than before. Internet, Smart phones, and social media have added to easy access to porn stuff and thus pornography addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Porn Addiction

A porn addict may be identified by following symptoms-

  1. They become arrogant or irritated when stopped from watching porn.
  2. They cannot control their urge to watch porn or fantasize.
  3. They try to hide their activities.
  4. They do not stop watching porn, even if it starts harming their daily life.
  5. They try to live a secret life and like to be isolated.
  6. They try to get rid of their problems by indulging in porn.
  7. They avoid social life.
  8. They do not feel interest in healthy sex. They start being perverted or rough in their sexual relations.
  9. They lie about their whereabouts and start accusing others.
  10. They loose interest in any type of activity and prefer to indulge in porn only.

Causes of Pornography Addiction

Porn addicts are likely to come from a dysfunctional family. They may have suffered rigid rules and lack of warmth and affirmation. Abandonment, and sexual or emotional abuse are other causes leading to porn addiction. They start believing that they are worth nothing. They feel that no one loves them and no one will love them. Other beliefs formed in a porn addicts mind are that their needs will never fulfill if they rely on other and sex is their utmost need.

This addiction basically starts in childhood. When a child explores sexuality beyond discovery to routine self-comforting, it could later lead to addiction. The children indulge in such things due to lack of care.

Easy access to porn stuff has also added to the problem of porn addiction. Addicts can easily satisfy their need of porn watching by viewing online still photos, downloading porn videos, or by having web cam sex. Paid and unpaid web cam sex is also easily available. Addicts could use Internet to view porn stuff or finding partners to indulge in sex. Psychological experts dealing with pornography addicts consider online pornography as more addictive. A porn addict needs more extreme, unusual or abnormal forms of pornography as addiction moves to advance levels.

Getting Rid of Pornography addiction

An addict needs self-control, medical help and family support to get rid of pornography addiction. They need therapies and support programs. Education regarding the problem and medicines also helps to get out of problem. They may need counseling to curb out the root of problem.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are other methods for treatment of porn addiction. These methods engross assessment of the porn-viewing urge and then interrupt the mental and emotional pattern. This could be done by tapping on various points of the body or moving eyes in different directions.

Addicts should change their environment and activities and try to engage in some better sort of activities to avoid urge for watching porn. They should try to evaluate its pros and cons and try to train their mind about its negative effects. Addicts should not be left alone for along to prevent recurrence of porn watching episodes. Addicts should indulge in such activities, which make them relax, enjoy and feel refreshed.