The treatment of bone cancer is done depending upon the type of cancer, its location & whether or not it has spread to the surrounding tissues or the distant ones. Following are types of treatment for bone cancer:


The purpose of surgery is to remove the entire tumor & small portion of the surrounding healthy bone. Even if a portion of cancer remains there, there is a chance that it will spread again. So after removing the cancer, it is checked that whether or not there is normal bone surrounding the tumor. Various types of surgeries are done for removing cancer which depends on the size of the cancer, location of the cancer. The types of surgeries are done:

To remove the limb: Sometimes it is required to do surgery to remove all or part of the limb. It means removing your arm or leg knowing as amputation. It is needed if the cancer has spread in the tissues surrounding the bone. Nowadays it is less common but even if it is done, the patient is made to go through a lot of sessions to cope with new limb.

To remove the cancer but sparing the limb: This is known as limb salvage surgery where piece of bone that contains the cancer is replaced with a metal piece or with a healthy bone taken from somewhere else in your body. Sometimes, bone from another person is also taken. This type of surgery is done by specialist surgeons.

To remove the cancer not affecting the limbs: This type of surgery is done to remove bone & surrounding tissues if cancer is present in bones other than arm or leg. It is generally done in rib bones or fibula. The removed bone is replaced with bone from another part of the body or with a metal.


Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses anticancer drugs to kill cancer cells. It is done before and after the surgery. Prior to the surgery, chemotherapy is used to shrink the bone cancer so that it can be easily removed. After the surgery, it is done to kill cancer cells which may have remained following the surgery. 

Radiation therapy:

In radiation therapy, X- rays are used to kill cancer cells. Like chemotherapy, it is also done before or after the surgery. Mostly it is done when the cancer is not removed with the surgery or to kill any cancer cells that are left behind after the surgery. Radiation therapy is given in small doses for few months.


One can plan these kinds of treatments with the help of their doctor, keeping in mind the type of cancer. These types of treatment should be done by specialist surgeons working in specialist centers.