components were one of the most popular hip implant components. But now its manufacturer Zimmer Holdings is facing numerous lawsuits as it is linked to many hip and other activity problems. Durom Acetabular Component system or “Durom Cup” was one of the most popular and innovative hip implant component till it became the object of many product liability lawsuits against Zimmer, Inc.

The Zimmer hip implants are used in hip replacement surgeries to give patients relief from problems of hipbone. Zimmer offers a minimally invasive solution through many Zimmer Hip components. They have been developed as per requirements for minimally invasive surgery. Zimmer MIS Solutions are designed to facilitate implantation through a smaller incision so that muscles and tendons around the hip are not damaged. Zimmer manufactures different hip components for implant. They are used as per requirement. The Durom Cup was introduced by Zimmer in 2006. Later it was linked with different problems including implant failure. It was temporarily recalled from the market in 2008.

In April 2008, concerns regarding problems with Zimmer Durom Cup started as an orthopedic surgeon Lawrence Dorr linked it with higher rate of implant failure. Later in July 2008, its sale was temporarily suspended from the market. Recently has also ordered a post marketing study for Zimmer hip implant products.

In April 2009, a Zimmer hip lawsuit was filed in St. Clair County, . This lawsuit was filed on behalf of 42 plaintiffs. All of them have suffered from severe pain and medical help after they underwent a Zimmer hip implant. They suffered an implant failure. This lawsuit blames Zimmer of marketing its product without going for proper testing of its hip implant components.

It is also alleged that Zimmer did not provide sufficient warning to the patients about the risks associated with its hip implant components. This has caused many patients to go through injuries and severe pain. Some of them have to get their implants replaced through revision or corrective surgery. The lawsuit blamed Zimmer of forcing patient into a condition where they not only suffered injury and pain, but also have to bear steep medical, rehabilitative, and pharmaceutical expenses.

Many plaintiffs claimed to have loss of income and work due to injuries caused by Zimmer hip implants. They also lost their active life and were forced to live life in sedentary.  The lawsuit asked for $2.15 million in Zimmer hip lawsuit settlements and jury verdicts plus expenses incurred on legal proceedings and other expenses justified by he court.

Zimmer sets a hip litigation settlement fund

Zimmer holding h created a fund of $69 million for Zimmer hip lawsuit settlements, in 2008. Later  $75 million more were added in the fund in 2010 for the purpose of settlement. There are no known incidents of out of court settlement of Zimmer hip lawsuits by the company. According to an estimate around 12,000 patients have gone through Durom Cup implant before it was recalled temporarily. This has lead to a number of lawsuits seeking compensation from the company. Many more lawsuits are in the offing. Zimmer is supposed to pay a hefty sum to settle numerous lawsuits against it.