Pfizer Inc. was showered with numerous lawsuits related to its diabetic drug Rezulin. Rezulin is an oral anti hyperglycemic drug. It contains Troglitazone as its main active ingredient. Rezulin is used for management of type II diabetes or Diabetes mellitus. It is non-insulin dependant type of diabetes. Rezulin decreases insulin resistance. It makes muscles and adipose tissues more responsive to insulin. It helps to improve body respond to insulin. It controls blood sugar level by reducing sugar produced in liver. Troglitazone has been withdrawn from the U.S. market in 2000. Rezulin was originally manufactured by Warner-Lambert. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company purchased Warner-Lambert, the manufacturer of Rezulin.

The first Rezulin lawsuit went for trial in 2001. The trial resulted in favor of the manufacturer. It seemed that company is going to be spared of numerous lawsuit related to Rezulin side effects. But Pfizer’s nightmare started soon as few days after the first verdict, a verdict came against Pfizer.

A jury in Corpus Christi, Texas, ordered Pfizer to pay $43 million to a women as compensatory damages as she has suffered severe liver damages due to use of Rezulin. Pfizer is said to have settled the case for $30 million immediately after the verdict. Pretty soon three more verdicts came. These verdicts showed mixed results. A verdict in favor of plaintiff with award of $25 came in Texas in January 2002. In February another lawsuit went to trial and case was dismissed in favor of the Manufacturers of Rezulin, Pfizer Inc. in Maryland. The March 2002 witnessed another verdict favoring the plaintiff in Oklahoma. The plaintiff was awarded with $11.5 million as compensation in this lawsuit.

These verdicts have paved way for settlements out of court. Some of the cases were dismissed in favor of Pfizer Inc, while most of the cases were settled for good amount, out of the court. Warner-Lambert won few other cases, including personal injury and medical monitoring class actions suits. These cases were dismissed in California, New York, and West Virginia in favor of Warner-Lambert and Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc. proposed to settle all but three of 35,000 claims over Rezulin for a total of about $750 million. These cases were consolidated in federal court. Rezulin is a diabetic drug, which had been withdrawn from the market in 2000. Pfizer also paid $250 million to settle state-court suits.

Pfizer faced so many lawsuits due to allegation of Rezulin use resulting in sever side effects such as liver damages including liver failure. Many of the patients using this drug suffered jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, back pain and dark urine, which are symptoms of acute liver damage. It had caused liver failure in many patients. They needed to have a liver transplant. It is also said to cause coma and even death in some patients. It is also linked with heart problems.

Liver failure was so evidently prevalent amongst patients using Rezulin, that it could not be ignored. It was said that patients using this drug were at 1200 time higher risk to have a liver failure than non-users of the drug. This led to FDA recall of the Rezulin on 21st March 2000. This boosted the platform of several Rezulin lawsuits as it proved that the drug was dangerous. This led Pfizer to opt for out of court settlement to save the legal hassles.