Pfizer Inc. settled all but three of 35,000 claims over Rezulin for a total of about $750 million. Rezulin is a diabetic drug, which had been withdrawn from the market in 2000. Rezulin was originally manufactured by Warner-Lambert. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company purchased Warner-Lambert, the manufacturer of Rezulin.

Rezulin is an oral anti hyperglycemic drug. It contains Troglitazone as its main active ingredient. Rezulin is used for management of type II diabetes or Diabetes mellitus. It is non-insulin dependant type of diabetes. Rezulin decreases insulin resistance. It makes muscles and adipose tissues more responsive to insulin. It helps to improve body respond to insulin. It controls blood sugar level by reducing sugar produced in liver. Troglitazone has been withdrawn from the U.S. market in 2000.

Pfizer, the giant pharmaceutical company was on the verge of acquiring Wyeth for almost $64 billion, when it had to pay about $500 million in 2009 to settle Rezulin cases, which had consolidated in federal court in New York. It also paid $250 million to resolve state-court suits.

Rezulin, a diabetic drug was taken by about 1.9 million diabetic patients to manage type II nor noninsulin dependant diabetes. It was withdrawn from the U.S. market in 2000 after being linked to liver failure and deaths in many patients.

Liver failure was so evidently prevalent amongst patients using Rezulin, that it could not be ignored. Patients using this drug were regularly being monitored for any liver damage. Its use not only lead to liver damages, but was capable of fatally worsen the existing liver problems. It was said that patients using this drug were at 1200 time higher risk to have a liver failure than non-users of the drug.

Many of the patients using this drug suffered jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, back pain and dark urine, which are symptoms of acute liver damage. It had caused liver failure in many patients. They needed to have a liver transplant. It is also said to cause coma and even death in some patients. It is also linked with heart problems. After issuing many safety alerts related to this drug time to time FDA finally decided to withdraw it from the market on 21st March 2000.

It led to numerous lawsuits being filed against the manufacturer of the Rezulin. Around 35,000 personal-injury claims over the drug were filed against the manufacturer of Rezulin. This led Pfizer to settle all consolidated cases. Around 20,000 claims were filed in state courts, some of which were dismissed or were settled by jury verdict. Left over cases were settled for a total of about $250 million.

Three cases in Texas and Meryland resulted in rejection of claims after three years in 2004. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has to face a good loss in Rezulin lawsuits. In 2001 it had to pay $30 million to a 63- year-old diabetic as ordered by the Texas jury. The man suffered liver damage as a side effect of using Rezulin.  The jury previously ordered an amount of $43 million but later set it to $30 million for settlement of the case.

In 2002, another jury verdict came again Pfizer in Oklahoma. Jury ordered the pharmaceutical company to pay o pay $11.6 million in damages. The lawsuit was filed by the family of a man who died due to side effects of Rezulin. The company went for appeal. In many similar cases the company had to pay a large sum to settle the case. Later it decided to settle all 35,000 claims over Rezulin for $750 million.