Permax: the serious side effects overweigh the benefits greatly, so be cautious

Permax from Par and Teva Pharmaceuticals is a drug used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Marketed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, this drug is sold under the trade name/generic name pergolide. Belonging to dopamine agonists class of drugs, this is known as 8B-[(Methylthio)methyl]-6-propylergoline monomethanesulfonate chemically. Pergolide mesylate is the component that majorly constitutes this drug. Therapeutically this belongs to the class antiparkinsonian.

Parkinson’s disease, a small overview:

Associated with degeneration of CNS or central nervous system, Parkinson’s disease is marked with reduced levels of Dopamine in the brain. This is primarily a movement disorder that can greatly affect the mobility in an individual.

Permax- a brief introduction:

Permax as an effective drug for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease gained approval from FDA in 1988. Permax available as tablets in different dose concentrations was also prescribed to patients suffering from RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome. The drug that once gained the popularity of being a blockbuster to combat symptoms of PD has now been blacklisted. The severe complications associated with Permax have lead to its complete withdrawal from the U.S. But, for places where people are still taking this, some relevant piece of information about this drug are as follows:

Permax- Core medical use:

Prescribed to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Permax is usually recommended with levodopa to help patients reap the maximum benefits. This drug is also used to treat RLS, tremors, stiffness, spasms and poor muscle control that is a prominent symptom amongst individuals suffering from PD.

Permax: some drug facts:

While the dosage and strength of the drug may differ from person to person, only the healthcare expert can outline the same after studying and assessing the individual condition and health of the patient. Some drug facts that are common for all include:

  • Permax should be stored at room temperature and away from light and moisture.
  • The mode of action this drug follows is by causing stimulation of some parts in CNS that gets affected by PD.
  • Being a prescription drug, Permax should only be taken when recommended by a doctor.
  • Elderly patients are known to show more sensitive behavior towards Permax, which is visible in the form of confusing behavior and lack of concentration.
  • The use of this drug in children is moreover prohibited.
  • Patients on Permax are advised to stay away from alcohol or drugs that can cause drowsiness and can add to the affect and intensify of the same.
  • As the drug can cause dizziness, therefore patients taking this must follow extra care while standing up or sitting to avoid getting injured by loss of sudden balance.
  • Before taking Permax, patients should inform the healthcare expert about all the details concerning their health. Like allergies they may have, any medical history, complete health and habits.
  • Permax is known to show drug-drug interaction with a total of 522 drugs, amongst which 4 are categorized as major, 517 as moderate and 1 as a minor interaction.
  • Patients on Permax should stay away from alcohol as this is known to show a severe interaction with the chemicals used in the drug.

Permax- the most important information:

Permax or pergolide mesylate was withdrawn from the U.S. market in 2007 after a ban on its sale due to the severe effects it caused that lead to many health complications amongst patients. Patients taking this were advised not to stop its intake all of a sudden as this can lead to a deadly condition, which is neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS). Elevated body heat, rigidity of muscles, altered mental state, lack of response, profuse sweating and irregular heartbeat are some such symptoms that show the negative effects of stopping Permax.

Intake of Permax was also known to be linked with an elevated risk of heart valve problems amongst people.

Females who are pregnant and nursing mothers, should tell about their complete health state to the doctor, so as to avoid the growing fetus or new born baby from developing any complications associated with pergolide administration.

In the end…

Being a blacklisted drug, it is advised not to take Permax under normal circumstances. Because no one out there will wish to take something, which can complicate the situation more rather than resolving it in the first case.

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