Permax- the benefits in no way outweigh the risks

Pergolide mesylate, a major component in Permax, a drug used for treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is in no way what it actually looked like. What it promised was relief from the pain and suffering of Parkinson’s, but what it actually gave all was increased suffering and health complications, some of which were fatal. The unveiling of the true side of this drug was due to the many lawsuits filed by patients who got injured by Permax consumption. Ranging from severe health issues to development of fatal complications like heart valve problems and more, such innocent people brought to the notice of all a hidden truth and one that was truly shocking. Just some of the law articles that helped in bringing the real side of Permax out are as follows…

A report:

Issued by PHA or the Public Health Advisory on March 29th, 2007, this was a result of the warning by FDA to actually bring out the real truth about Permax, which was used to relieve patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The studies lead to a finding that patients taking Permax which is a pergolide containing drug were at a greater risk of developing heart valve problems.

The main points this study by PHA focused on was:

  • Making people educated about the health complications associated with pergolide intake
  • Telling healthcare professionals and researchers to find some other alternate treatment, but one which is free from such side effects
  • Warning people against the effects and stopping the complete sale to avoid more from getting injured.
  • It was also advised for professionals to assess the need of the patients for DA therapy which is dopamine agonist therapy. Pergolide substitute was advised to be followed. Also, for patients who were already prescribed Permax, it was recommended to discontinue the use, but not all of a sudden as this can cause dangerous irreversible effects on health.

This finally led to the issuing of a black box warning in 2006 against Permax, for causing increased development of heart valve problems amongst patients taking this. Also, complete withdrawal of Permax from the U.S. drug industry was announced. But, FDA aware of the severe complications that sudden discontinuation of Permax can cause was working to find a solution. FDA ordered manufacturers to make the drug available to patients of Parkinson’s disease to protect their system from showing alarming signs of complete withdrawal. This also was to find some alternate and effective and all the more safe treatment, which can help all such patients from switching therapies but without the risk or failure part.

A report:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), announced that with Permax, which is a pergolide containing drug, the benefits in no way outweigh the severe complications. The complications left FDA with no room, but to order complete ban on its sale, which became effective from 2007.

Law can help all such severely injured patients of Permax, an antiparkinsonian drug, get justice they have longed for. Filing a case or taking help of lawsuit can help in getting the victim compensated, at least in terms of finances.