In the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the parents of a newborn child have sued a medical facility and the doctors for not taking proper care during the birth of their dead child. The lawsuit was filed on November 9, 2012, in which the plaintiff had brought claims against St. Mary’s Medical Center alleging the medical facility did not sufficiently monitor the mother during her delivery.

In the lawsuit the plaintiff claims that the doctors failed to do the cesarean section at the proper time that put the mother and her fetus in danger. The birth injury attorney of the has also condemned the doctor for attempting extraction of the fetus by vacuum eight times in less than an hour causing serious damage to the brain and other parts of the fetus. The damage was so severe that the newborn child eventually died.

According to the lawsuit the mother was rushed to the hospital on 13 June, 2012 after she experienced labor pain. However, during her treatment she suffered many complications and health hazards including “shoulder dystocia”. This makes it difficult and dangerous for the mother to push and deliver the baby naturally.

Dr. Traci Cook was the lead doctor of the team and she, along with the hospital, is the main accused in the case. According to the law of the United States a health facility could be held responsible for negligent acts on the part of an employee. According to “Respondeat Superior” an employer could be held responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their employment. The rule allows the plaintiff to recover damages from a business such as a hospital if the hospital is found to be at fault.

The plaintiff has claimed that the medical staff of the facility exhibited negligence and failed to properly assess the actual progress the mother was making in the early stage of delivery. The plaintiff has also claimed in the lawsuit that it was in-appropriate for the doctor to use vacuum extraction method and that c-section could have been done instead of that.

About Birth Injury Lawsuit:

The injuries related to birth of infants fall into a special area of medical negligence law that requires special expertise and long experience so that the case could be put in the Court in an effective manner. Only an efficient and capable could enable victims meet the needs of their children who have suffered a birth injury as well as helping mothers who have suffered whilst being pregnant or giving birth.