Paxil law articles making aware about the many lawsuits filed against the drugmakers GSK

Paxil, an antidepressant belongs to SSRI class of drugs. Marketed by GlaxoSmithKline, the drug began selling in 1992 after getting approval from FDA. The consumption of Paxil (paroxetine) has caused severe complications to the health and wellbeing of many. Widespread societal issues have also lead FDA to rethink over their approval. Experts not sure about the amount of risk associated with taking antidepressants have thus advised patients to avoid the same. Especially children below 18 years and elderly patients are advised not to use Paxil while treating depression. Paxil since its introduction has known to cause the occurrence of many severe complications among patients. From development of severe birth defects in fetus and newborn to increased thoughts for suicide, the side effects have been many and even complicated. Just to bring to light these hidden facts many such injured victims have filed lawsuits against Paxil, just few amongst these are:

In 2005, a warning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA was issued alerting health care experts about the potential harm Paxil administration can cause among patients. The warning also said that such patients were at an increased risk of developing birth defects linked with heart. Paxil administration in the first trimester of pregnancy is very risky and should be avoided under any circumstances.

Some lawsuits that depict the violent and suicidal tendencies patients experienced after taking Paxil:

This was in 1998. When a family filed a case against Paxil’s manufacturers, GSK, stating how its administration lead a man shot his family and then himself. This lawsuit got settled in 2001, when GSK was ordered to pay a compensation of $ 6.4 million to that family.

Paxil lawsuits linked with birth defects:

There are more than 600 cases filed under this category where the pioneer was by Lyam Kilker family where the baby was born with serious heart defects. The lawsuits aimed at bringing to the knowledge of all that Paxil administration is accountable with birth defects. The risks and warning were hidden from consumers and the family in the end was awarded a compensation of $ 2.5 million as settlement from the drug manufacturers.

A class action lawsuit against Paxil:

This was regarding the broken tablet class action where the manufacturers were found to sell defective tablets that can cause severe complications on consumption. The tablets getting too easily broken were resulting in quick release of the drug in the body that was a reason for many irregular changes in the concerned individual. Settlements by GSK correcting this damage of an amount $28 million was paid to help all such injured patients get compensated aptly.

Many lawsuits reporting the serious complications and increased suicidal behavior among patients taking Paxil have been reported since years. The damage this induced was not just in elderly patients but in newborn and infants too who showed the same in the form of severe heart diseases. People in order to get compensated and put the guilty at the right spot have filed many such lawsuits. Many such cases have already been settled and some are still under scrutiny. What is finally needed is making consumers educated about such harmful effects to avoid any mishap from taking a toll of the wellbeing of the society.