Paxil: its side effects significantly overweigh its benefits

Since long there have been continuous and serious risks associated with the administration of Paxil (paroxetine). The drug as a popular antidepressant is marketed by GSK and the incidence of such increasing health complications have lead all to rethink over the drug’s authenticity. Many lawsuits and class action suits have been filed against the drugmakers to help families who have experienced injury with Paxil intake receive apt compensation. Many lawsuits are already settled, some are still under scrutiny. Just some of such law cases, which made people rethink over the legitimacy of Paxil are as follows…

A lawsuit:

This was the first lawsuit against GSK that stated a birth defect in the child, which is a fatal lung condition, was present as persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN). The case filed in 2006 reported a permanent damage to the life of that infant. Other similar lawsuits stating about babies born with such defects were filed in 2006 and 2007 which stated that how Paxil consumption during pregnancy has caused such defects.

More lawsuits:

Many lawsuits that aimed at recovering the damages for patients who committed suicide after taking Paxil were filed. One such was in 2005 at California where a 20 years old committed suicide after taking Paxil. The cases were filed by the patient’s grandparents which argued about GSK’s irresponsibility of not warning the consumers about the increased risk of behavioral changes and suicidal thoughts that Paxil intake can induce.

Another case:

This was the Lacuzong Paxil suicide case filed under product liability act where a case was filed by a widow of a man who drowned himself and his two children in a bathtub just three days after starting Paxil. The case was later resolved as per the satisfaction of plaintiff and the defendant thus denied all allegations imposed in the first case.

A report:

Published on the 27th of Feb. 2006, this was in Ithaca at New York stating that ‘Suppressed Paxil Suicide Data Released’. Published by EHPP/ Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, this alleged GSK against product liability act. The report stated that how the manufacturers failed to report the documents that clearly stated that Paxil induced suicidal behavior among patients suffering from depression.

The report further documented that how GSK hid the Paxil-induced akathisia from consumers. This was in context with the increased hyperactivity and agitation that Paxil consumption could cause. The report also stated about the unrevealed facts about Paxil that were moreover kept hidden from the marketing and advertising tactics of the same.

The citations were published as a special report under   Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry (Volume 8, Spring 2006, pp. 77-84). This was further signed as an affidavit on the 21st of July 2001. This was after the three day examination held at the GSK headquarters.

Experts have constantly stated that drug companies settle almost all cases filed against them to seal incriminating scientific data. Such reports thus deprive medical professionals, FDA and consumers from such critical information on the safety and efficacy issues. The publication of such sealed medical reports is a very rare event and Paxil is one such drug which has carried this out. Experts thus request government to warn pharmaceutical companies against such malpractices to help all get aware about the safety and efficacy of such drugs.

Paxil as an antidepressant drug was once a blockbuster in the U.S. drug industry but what later lead to a downfall in its popularity was a black box warning issued by FDA. The many life changing effects and increased suicide incidences forced FDA to issue this warning in order to save more of such patients from becoming victims of injury with Paxil intake.