Paxil law articles to save more of innocent patients from turning into victims

Over the years, the safety and authenticity of Paxil has been questioned repeatedly. FDA is saying that they have never approved Paxil for patients below 18 years of age. Past few years have noted many people getting injured with the complications and severe side effects to health and wellbeing linked to Paxil intake. This has increasingly lead to filing of lawsuits and the drugmaker, GSK, is being questioned for the same. With a number of lawsuits filed against Paxil, GSK is now being tried in the court of law to offer compensations for not informing the consumers about the complete list of side effects that Paxil can induce on consumption. Whatever the verdicts may appear, but there is still a need to educate consumers reading such scams. Here are some law articles throwing light on just this hidden truth…

Death cases against Paxil:

This report pointed at the first lawsuit filed against GSK in 2001. Included under Paxil Products Liability Litigation (Multidistrict Litigation MDL-1574), this brought to notice the injuries faced by more than 3000 people from all over the United States after administering Paxil.

More such cases:

One class action filed in California alleged GSK for not informing about the withdrawal symptoms of Paxil to the consumers. GSK was accused of hiding important information from public and the cause included deceit, negligence, breach of warranty, and more against the manufacturers. GSK still being tried has settled many of such cases but still GSK’s lack of information has caused irreversible damage to lives of many, who is responsible for putting such innocent victims and their families at this place.

Regardless of the knowledge actually dissipated regarding Paxil, the drug is possibly much more harmful than advertised. Research showing that the drug is habit forming have also come to light. The manufacturers, constantly stating that the drug is non-habit forming, were alleged about not informing consumers regarding the withdrawal symptoms. Is Paxil truly addictive is a question still under scrutiny and a warning regarding the same must be shown on the packaging to inform patients against the possible effects.  All such lawsuits aim at letting manufacturers get aware about the sale and promotion of addictive drugs to help patients from becoming victims and saving them from getting injured due to the same.

One truth:

One issue stating that FDA never approved Paxil as a drug for treating mental disorders in children was released. Against the report, GSK have promoted the use of this drug in patients of any age group. Research has however shown that Paxil cannot treat such children and can even induce increased tendency for committing suicide. Children who have experienced any such damage can report this to the FDA. This lawsuit includes allegation not just against the manufacturers but even the healthcare expert who may have advised the drug to children below 18 years of age.

A lawsuit:

This was filed in California where it alleged GlaxoSmithKline of failing to warn consumers against the addictive nature and withdrawal of Paxil.  The manufacturers resolved the lawsuit in Jan 2002; the outcome was, however, kept secret from the public. What later came to light was that the result was a resolution rather than an actual settlement.

Another finding:

Reported by a plaintiff’s medical expert, the report published clinical evidence stating that all drugs belonging to SSRI class are at risk of causing severe withdrawal symptoms and adverse reactions among patients. The intense impact and short duration of action linked with Paxil can lead to the most severe withdrawal syndrome and this was a practical finding revealed after studying many cases of patients administering Paxil.

The withdrawal suit:

The withdrawal suit alleging Paxil was filed in San Jose, California on the 19th of August 2000. This was stated as the “Complaint for Injunctive Relief Under Business and Professions Code” (Nguyen & Farber, plaintiffs vs. SmithKline Beecham Corporation, Case No: CV791998).

Paxil as a safe antidepressant drug was approved by FDA in the U.S, in 1992. The drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline aimed at treating depression, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and social anxiety disorders amongst patients. FDA at that time also ordered the drugmakers to warn consumers against the possible side effects and also the withdrawal syndrome. Paxil since then has been marketed as a non-habit forming drug. What this failure to warn lead was to life change of many. Many patients who have become victimized by Paxil intake have thus filed lawsuits to make all aware about the life threatening complications this drug can induce on administration.