Paxil jury verdicts in lawsuits where settlements have already been done

Paxil sold by the generic name paroxetine is a prescription drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline since 1992. Classified in the SSRI antidepressant class, the drug since its introduction has been linked with the incidence of many severe complications among patients. Those injured by this product have filed lawsuits to get justice for them and their loved ones. Many such law cases have been tried under the court of law. While some have received justice still others are being tried till today. Some law cases where the jury has given verdicts include:

First such case:

Stated as, “GSK Settles Paxil Lawsuit” was filed under Drug Discovery & Development dated July 20, 2010. The settlement was for a case concerning the death of an infant reported by his mother. Filed in October 2007 the complaint described about the death of an infant in 2004 whose mother Jennifer Berg was using this antidepressant Paxil when she was pregnant. GlaxoSmithKline as the settlement paid the compensation amount of $2.5 million to the woman.

As per the lawsuit the infant was born on August 20th 2004 and died just 58 days after his birth as a result of a birth disorder in his heart’s functioning.

After the settlement FDA in September 2005 issued a warning about the drug that its administration is associated with increased risks for developing birth defects in women who administer this drug when expecting.

Another case:

Dated July 19th 2010, the report suggested that GSK as settlement has paid more than $1 billion to hundreds of plaintiffs that were primarily linked with birth defects. Families where such infants were born received an amount of $1.5 million as compensation each from the manufacturers.

Another verdict from the jury against Paxil lawsuit was published in October 2009, where GSK paid $2.5 million to a family where a boy of 3 years suffered from severe heart defects due to Paxil consumption by his mother while she was pregnant. This also outlined a strict warning as “negligently failed to warn” against the drugmakers.

The Paxil lawsuit settlement clearly stated that on an average $1.5 million was paid to every family where a child or infant may have suffered heart defects linked with Paxil intake.

As per reports GSK has paid more than $1 billion as settlement to various lawsuits linked with birth defects, suicide cases and other concerns. These included 10 birth defects that were paid $4 million each. Also, it was reported that more than 600 such birth defect cases are still under trial.

Also, Glaxo has been reported to pay more than $390 million as settlement for cases related to suicide and attempt to suicide. Under this around 450 such suicide cases have been settled and a few are still remaining. Out of the 450, around 150 cases were settled for an average amount of $2 million and around 300 at an average of $300,000.

Finally around 3200 cases that reported additional issues were resolved at a settlement of $50,000/case. Also, $400 million was paid to end all such claims linked with fraud, scam, antitrust and design issues.

In 2004, another settlement by GSK that made news was about a consumer who filed a lawsuit against GSK for deliberately suppressing the results of the research conducted, which clearly stated risks associated with Paxil administration.

Again in 2005 the drugmakers were alleged of hiding data regarding the increased tendency of suicide among patients taking Paxil.

As of 2007 stats, Paxil was the fifth most prescribed SSRI drug in the U.S. Who then knew the potential damages and risks this tablet packed. Many who have lost lives of their loved ones have nothing now but to regret and blame the manufacturers who in an attempt to earn profits were playing with the health, wellbeing and life of so many.