Devices and implants like Zimmer hip implants and Zimmer Durom Cup were always in limelight for higher rate of failures and other associated problems like metal ion contamination, development of pseudo-tumors, lesions, and other issues that required painful revision surgery and immediate hospitalization of patients. Moving on the same line, a new panel of medical practitioners and research scholars have revealed that Metal-On-Metal(MoM) devices like Zimmer Durom Cup and Zimmer Hip Implants are no way superior to Metal-On-Plastic(MoP) implants rather it would be better to say that these are inferior to MoP devices and they need extra scrutiny from federal agencies.

The 2-day panel meeting was held in June 2012 to update and recommend FDA about the existing status of these devices and to enquire the fact if MoM implants are superior to MoP implants. The meeting was called in after various incidence came into light over higher failure rates, metal ion contamination and other issues that could affect health of people adversely.

A similar Hip Implant Zimmer Durom Cup received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration in years 2006 on the same ground that a Metal-On-Metal device would do better than Metal-On-Plastic implant. The manufacturer of the device Zimmer Inc. also marketed the device aggressively and vigorously saying it a superior alternative to MoP devices and that had a longer durability than other devices. However, problems with the device started appearing by the year of 2007 and the device came under the scrutiny of various federal agencies including the FDA.

After repeated incidence of metal-ion contamination and development of pseudo tumors the Zimmer Durom Cup was recalled from the market in the year of 2008 however, after various investigations the manufacturer of the devices said that the actual problem was not in the device itself but due to surgical errors and that surgeons were not equipped and capable enough to handle the device and put it in the exact place that it demanded. The device was re-released onto the market with the latest and updated instructions for surgeons and physicians. Later on to consolidate all the Durom Cup Litigations and Zimmer hip implants and to streamline the judicial processes, the cases were transferred to MDL in the Northern District of Illinois.

Zimmer Inc. was not the only medical device company that was slammed by the FDA panel, but many other companies like Smith & Nephew were also slammed with the accusations of high failure rate and metal ion contamination. The company was sued on September 12, 2012 in which it was charged of strict product liability, misrepresentation of clinical data, negligence and breach of warranties.

According to various Zimmer hip Lawyers and plaintiff representatives the device is creating a lot of physical and psychological problems in human body and hence some tough stand should be adopted by the federal agencies and authorities to avoid the repetition of these incidences in upcoming days. However, they expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards the officials who were in the panel and initiated some steps to check these incidences.