There are several kinds of addictions that people can suffer from. Most psychologists attribute addictions to weak minds. However, it is also possible for people to get addicted to a variety of other things due to reasons like stress. Other social impacts like peer pressure or loneliness may also influence people to get addicted. While most addictions are not necessarily bad for the health, mind and body it is possible that they still lead to other negative impacts over time. Some of the most common addictions include drug addictions (both for narcotics and medicated drugs), alcohol dependency and addiction, chemical dependency etc. These addictions are usually connected to mental weakness and need regular counseling and in some cases hospitalization to help treat the victim.

Socially inspired addictions in today’s time are also common. Professionals and young students are often known to suffer from various addictions like internet addiction, gaming addictions, movie addiction, chat addictions, text messaging addictions and more. These addictions may have no early signs or symptoms as such but when it becomes serious it definitely requires the professional help of a psychologist. Typically, when people suffer from these addictions, they feel useless or incomplete if they do not access their emails or browse the internet. Intervention is especially required if students get too addicted and spend more than 6 to 7 hours a day on these addictions.

Although there may not be any immediate ill effects of these kinds of addictions, in the long run people may suffer from physical problems related to posture, back and eye pain as a result of these. Furthermore, youngsters in college and high flying professionals tend to suffer from mobile phone addictions. They cannot do without checking their phone once every few minutes and tend to suffer from hidden withdrawal symptoms if their phone doesn’t ring once every few hours. Although not severe to begin with, over time this addiction can be potentially damaging to a person’s mind and body.

It is common for some people to also suffer from severe stress related and inspired addictions like nicotine addiction. These addictions help them feel better and therefore they begin to rely on vices to feel better. In most cases the problems are treatable if diagnosed early. However, in today’s times these addictions are often ignored until a person’s health starts giving way.

Other addictions include addictions related to food, desserts, caffeine, certain behaviors, pornography etc. In most cases addictions of every kind can be easily treated. However it is important to get a full diagnosis and start treatment early.

The typical signs of an addiction include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms or change in behavior when not performing a certain task or activity
  • Unwillingness to participate in social activities unless the vice or addiction is present
  • Difficulty performing even the most casual of tasks unless the addiction is present
  • Difficulty or change in concentration levels
  • Problems with speaking clearly
  • Sudden need to stay alone or avoid social communication and contact in the absence of addiction or vice
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