Ortho Tri-cyclen tablets are oral contraceptives used for birth control. These are manufactured by Ortho pharmaceutical Corp. The medicine comes in three types of tablets. It comes in white, light blue and blue colored tablets. Each of them contains progestational compound norgestimate and the estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. Ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate are female hormones that prevent ovulation and thicken cervical mucus and uterine lining, and prevents sperm from reaching the uterus or fallopian tubes.

It is advisable to a patient to consult his allergies, medical history and any medication being used as it could worsen certain medical conditions or could produce severe side effects by interacting to other medicines. Patients with history of stroke or other blood clots, severe high blood pressure, endometrial or breast cancer, diabetes resulting in kidney, eye, nerve or blood vessel disease, history of heart disease or suspected pregnancy should not use this medicine.

Patients should avoid smoking while using this drug as it could extensively increases risk for stroke, blood clots, high blood pressure, and heart attacks, especially in women, who are older than 35 years. If a patient uses this medicine, it may take longer for her to get pregnant even after stoppage of this drug.

This drug is not meant for pregnant women. If there is suspected pregnancy, while using this medicine, it is advisable to consult the doctor. Patients who have just delivered a baby or had a miscarriage or abortion, it is advisable to use this medicine at least after 3 months. This medicine passes into breast milk, thus nursing mothers should ask their doctor before using this medicine.

Use of this medicine could cause nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach pain, bloating, dizziness, and serious blood clots problem such as pulmonary embolism, stroke or heart attack.  Some patients may experience vaginal discomfort or irritation, increased vaginal fluids, tenderness or enlargement in breasts. It could also affect acne. Some patients may also experience missed or irregular periods especially in first few months.

Other side effect linked with this medicine is chest pain. Some patients may experience nausea or vomiting too. Use of this medicine could also cause shortness of breath, pain in arm, confusion, dizziness, fainting, pain in calf, tingling, weakness or numbness in the arms or legs. Some patients may suffer from chronic headache too. It could lead to migraine or worsening of existing migraines.