Ocella, a known contraceptive: some hidden facts revealed, to avoid women from facing health complications

Ocella, a contraceptive sold by a pharmaceutical company Barr, is a fourth generation drug. This pill packs a synthetic progestin drospirenone as the chief ingredient. Created to prevent pregnancy, this one’s also prescribed for treating premenstrual disorders that are accompanied by a state of unhappiness and some mild cases of acne. A generic counterpart of Yaz or Yasmin, Ocella has earned the popularity of being one of the most used birth control drugs in U.S. This is a prescription drug that contains both estrogen and progestin. The mode of action this drug adapts is by stopping ovulation and by making changes in the mucus and endometrium of cervix in woman. This is available in a pack of 28+4 tablets.

Some drug facts of Ocella:

The core medical use this drug has is in birth control or preventing pregnancy apart from easing symptoms of some premenstrual disorders and few cases of acne. Sometimes Ocella is prescribed to treat cysts in ovaries. Some drug facts of this birth control pill are as follows…

  • The main chemical this packs is drospirenone or ethinyl estradiol.
  • If you are planning to take Ocella, you must tell the healthcare expert your complete medical history, as the drug is known to show side effects on reacting with other drugs.
  • Ocella is linked with increased incidences of blood clots, strokes and even heart attacks.
  • All of you who are suffering from a heart ailment or liver tumors or blood clotting disorders are recommended not to take Ocella under any circumstance.
  • Many medications can interact with Ocella and can reduce the effectiveness of this birth control pill. Some of these are barbiturates, antibiotics, some seizure medications, mopdafinil, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ACE inhibitors and more (the list extends to many more)
  • The healthcare expert should also know whether you smoke cigarettes, are soon going to have a surgery, are pregnant or planning to conceive in near future, and are breastfeeding, this is to ensure that expert can know how effective Ocella would be to you.
  • Women, who smoke, use tobacco and are over 35 years should stay away from Ocella.
  • Besides birth control, Ocella can help you in getting normal periods and can reduce blood loss and pain, thus causing a decreased risk of developing ovarian cysts.
  • This drug can in no way offer protection to the couple from STD’s and other such related diseases.
  • The medication is OD, taken once daily with water. It’s vital to pick one single time of the day when taking this pill and the gap between the two intakes should be exactly 24 hours.
  • It’s best to take this after dinner or at bedtime as it can avoid nausea and stomach upset.
  • In total 595 drugs are known to show drug-drug interaction with Ocella, out of which 9 are classified as major, 456 as moderate and 130 as minor.
  • Ocella is known to depict 14 disease interactions.

A piece of advice:

Its best to follow instructions mentioned on the pack, the tablets are numbered and should be taken in the correct order, starting with first on the first day. Pregnancy cannot be avoided in case of missing pills or when pills are taken at random times. The pack contains 24 active pills and 4 reminder pills. After the 24th active pill, reminder pill are taken for 4 days (or as advised). You should start with your periods within 3 days of taking the last active pill on the pack. In case if you miss them, consult your doctor immediately.

In the end:

Ocella may cause birth defects, so do not take this medication if you have already conceived. Also, if you become pregnant after starting this tell your doctor ASAP. The hormones this drug contains can pass from a mother to baby, so it’s best to avoid this when breastfeeding. The ingredient this medication contains can elevate potassium level in the blood that can further produce many health issues. So, be sure to inform your healthcare expert every slight thing you can, concerning your habits and any prior medical history to avoid developing complications.

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