Have you suffered loss by taking Ocella? Don’t worry, there is still the hope called ‘law’ to help you get back on track

, a birth control drug, is the generic version of Yasmin or Yaz. Marketed by Barr labs, Inc. this has been linked to cause many severe complications in women who take this, some of which have even turned fatal. From increased incidence of heart attacks to strokes, development of blood clots, lung diseases, complications in gall bladder, swelling in pancreas, the list does not end here. There are many females out there who have suffered various problems and even irreversible damage to their health. Government and law firms getting aware about the concern have now passed many new laws to help any such female who may have suffered the damage get compensated for the same. Just few of such incidences that brought to notice of all a serious culprit- Ocella are as follows…

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Verdicts and Settlements
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