Ocella, think before you take this as it can cause an irreversible damage to your life

Law has given all out there the freedom to get correctly compensated for the loss a person or his/her close one may have faced while administering certain medications. One such in the list is Ocella, which is a prescription birth control pill from Barr and is sold in a 24+4 tablet pack. This oral contraceptive, once the most popular among females have now turned into one of the most dangerous medications in the industry. The reason is the many serious side effects and complications this can cause in women taking Ocella. This is not just a hypothetical situation, but a proven reality. Many instances will help women understand what we just said. Just few of those many incidences are as follows…

A law article:

Dated 21st August 2009, the article focused on Eye of Litigation, this stated that there were more than 32 cases filed that claimed negligence, strict liability and failure to warn about the potential risks of Ocella, filed against Barr, the makers.

On July 24, 2009 lawyers involved in cases filed by Yaz victims filed petition with the Judicial panel on MLD asking for consolidating all law suits filed in the U.S. District Court in Ohio. Consolidating all cases aimed at bringing all the cases in front of the jury and was thought to make getting settlements easier. The panel held a hearing on 24th Sept 2009 whether the consolidation is apt and finally the petition received a green signal.

Only in 2008, the company earned a whooping $600 million. Even though the number of lawsuits filed against the same were increasing but there was no serious step taken to stop the same from harming more lives. The sales Yaz noticed in first half of 2009 exceeded $915 million.

Another two articles that confirmed serious risks with birth control pills assessed that this is linked with causing blood clots in women taking this. What the final verdict appeared is still under scrutiny, but it’s the need of the hour to stop sales of this drug or at least to warn women completely against the negative effects its consumption can cause.

Another report:

Yaz/Ocella associated with increased risks of gallbladder injuries.

Reported by Kevin P. Horan, this laid emphasis on the findings that Ocella and other birth control pills are increasingly responsible for triggering development of blood clots anywhere in the body that can even lead to death. The incidence of these pills being linked to gall bladder problems was also crucial.

Drospirenone, a synthetic progestin is the main reason for triggering all such health complications that works by increasing potassium in the blood of women. These increased levels were reported to cause both blood clots and gallbladder injuries. The studies have clearly suggested a strong relation between taking contraceptives and incidence of gall bladder problems. The formation of gallstones can be attributed to both increased concentration of bile constituents and increased cholesterol levels, these gallstones lead to decreased gallbladder movement thus leading to many complications.

Reports that ranged from chronic stones in gallbladder to the removal surgery have been filed from all over. The procedure called cholecystectomy, done to remove gallbladder can further induce many digestive problems. What people then need is making dramatic changes in their lifestyle and eating habits. In all, taking Ocella mean experiencing a life change and that too for worse.

All such cases are under trial in the court of law and the final verdicts are still unrevealed.

Ocella, available only through prescription, is a dangerous pill for women who are above 35 years, smoke cigarettes and have a history of blood clots, kidney problems, heart ailments or other related disorders. The company, Barr making no serious announcement against this has thus played with the lives of many and has even caused serious health complications to females taking this. It’s thus the need of the hour to bring to the notice of all, that what they did was wrong and all innocent victims must get justice. Only bringing the issue to the notice of masses can actually incur in steps that will ban its sale and compensate all those who have suffered already- in terms of finances, health or even a loss of a known person.