, the serious complications it causes significantly overweigh the advantages this can produce

There are a majority of women who take birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to enjoy their marital life more easily. One such birth control medicine that was once the most popular among the female society in U.S. is what Ocella, marketed by Barr Laboratories Inc. is all about. The array of side effects this can lead to have literally stirred many souls out there who relied on Ocella to lead a better life. The serious damages this can cause in women taking this range from formation of blood clots, diseases of lungs to heart ailments and even incidences of gallbladder diseases were noticeable. The complications over time can also turn fatal; it is thus needed inevitably for women to get educated about Ocella and its “real” side. Just some law articles that can throw light on this finding are as follows…

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