Jury verdicts for Ocella- for the final results, all will have to wait for the right time.

Ocella, a fourth generation drug from Barr is a well known birth control pill. But, what made this make news was the list of side effects the drug can induce in women. Women who have experienced severe harm and have developed new ailments linked with intake of Ocella have taken help of law in order to get justice. Many lawsuits have thus been filed against Barr for misleading consumers by not informing about the associated risks and dangers.

Drospirenone, which is the main culprit behind the whole case, is one that carries the risk of causing health issues by leading to increased development of blood clots. There are many cases already registered in the court of law, trials are in process and the final verdicts are still unrevealed.

One case about a woman who suffered serious damage is as follows:

Published on 15th July 2009, The case was about a young woman who was 16 and was taking this contraceptive. What this drug lead to was development of a blood clot in her lung, she although survived but was seriously disabled. After seeing this and many such other cases, Swiss Agency for therapeutics ordered a severe study about the risk percentage associated with this fourth generation drug. The results still under process are accepted to get revealed by the fall of this year.

Another incidence:

The increasing lawsuits and cases field against Ocella have finally lead the mainstream get awake, this directed to publishing of a story concerning the same in the New York Times. The 74 lawsuits against Barr, the makers of Ocella, provoked to take this action. The three quotes by leading professors of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of North Carolina gave this story an added momentum.

The FDA after this ordered a thorough analysis and later concluded that Barr is manipulating statistics in order to hide the problems in manufacturing and design. The problems being complicated have actually misled consumers. It appeared that what Barr said no risk was actually a major risk. The case still under scrutiny, only time will tell whose words are more accurate.

Experts and researchers outraged with the findings and studies have all said it’s not likely to stop until some bold measures are taken to handle such cases and to stop such incidences in the future.

After all such cases, the whole line of harmful birth control pills including Ocella was recalled in 2010. The recall, which included 122,000 boxes of Ocella, lead to filing of numerous lawsuits, where all aimed at alleging drosperinone, the real culprit behind everything. This synthetic progestin can cause increased potassium in the blood which further leads to development of blood clots, heart attacks, kidney stones, gallbladder damage and strokes.

The final verdicts lead to the change in warning label. FDA further ordered to update the ads and other promotional things.

Women throughout have suffered from the life threatening side effects of taking Ocella as a birth control measure.

Attorneys getting increasingly aware about the damage Ocella is causing to the lives of women out there are now helping all such innocent victims pursue financial compensation, which they may have faced as lost wages, medical bills and other monetary damages.