FDA has raised constant warnings against Ocella to stop this from harming more lives

Ocella, an accepted birth control pill is a generic form of Yasmin or Yaz. Developed in 2001 by Barr Pharmaceuticals, this drug has since then earned the popularity of being the most popular birth control pill in the U.S. Rigorous marketing and promotion have all together helped Ocella in earning the popularity and has even provoked doctors to prescribe this to all women seeking for effective birth control measures. However, the black truth about the manufacturers Barr was revealed as use of wrong marketing tactics and misleading facts that lured women to adapt this drug, where the serious consequences far overweighed the good results.

Drospirenone, the main reason for all the serious damages although very effective in stopping pregnancy, is also likely to cause severe health complications with a very high risk.

FDA or The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, after seeing the negative name and numerous lawsuits filed against Ocella for causing irreversible damages to the lives of many, has shown serious responses. FDA has raised many warnings against the manufacturer Barr Inc. for selling false claims and providing insufficient data about the side effects and risks associated with Ocella’s intake.

FDA has since then raised constant warnings about the exaggerated ads that gave viewers a wrong impression. The luring ad campaigns lead Barr to issue a new campaign that clarified all the previous statements and claims about the use of Ocella, which majorly focused on the negative side effects rather then benefits.

All women who are planning to take Ocella must pay serious attention.  FDA making it clear that this can cause serious health complications and irreversible damage has since years tried to save more women from getting injured. But, putting a stop or complete ban on its sale is something that comes down to the sellers and buyers. Sellers now aware about the health complications should not market this. Buyers on the other hand, educated about the consequences should adhere to some other measure that is free from such life threatening effects.

FDA has sent warning letters informing the firm about the unethical advertising and promotional methods and about the wrong techniques employed in manufacturing and designing.

FDA has found many testing issues in the plants that were related to the progestin component used in making these pills. They also said that rather than testing each batch of Ocella, the manufacturers were creating report for quality based on testing of some selective random samples. This selective method for drug testing is an unethical and disapproved practice for drug sales in the U.S.

After thorough reviewing of all batches of drug dispatched, the company said that the quality of all the batches was not affected.  FDA on the other hand, contradicting this said that they do not agree with the conclusion put forth by Barr. FDA finally warned Barr to fix all these issues concerning quality and said to reschedule the inspection again. FDA till then has stopped import from the manufacturers until the quality issue gets resolved.

FDA as a result of all the controversies and lawsuits has forced Barr to run new ad campaigns that must correct the false claims and misleading information already aired.

All in all, whatever steps FDA may take to stop such drugs like Ocella from causing irreversible damage to the lives of women; it’s finally consumers who need to get aware.

‘Safety lies in one’s own hand’, is not just a statement, but an accepted reality. So, getting educated and being wise enough to read carefully the information provided on the drug regarding ingredients and possible side effects is needed so as to prevent from getting trapped in any such dilemma.

Strict steps against the manufacturers who have marketed such high risk products even after knowing the consequences is needed to teach a lesson to anyone who tries repeating this in future.